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Capri Sun Stories

Capri Sun has more variety now than they ever have before. Whether you’ve still got kids at home keeping you busy or you’re sending kids off to school, sports, and everything in between, they have a Capri Sun that is perfect for everyone.

Even though the flavors vary greatly, there is one thing all Capri Suns have in common: They are better for you! With so many drink options on the market today, it can be overwhelming to pick what’s best for your family. Capri Sun makes that decision easy.

Capri Sun is packed with good-for-you ingredients, and they don’t have any artificial colors or flavors. They don’t contain high fructose corn syrup, either! Plus, you can save money by picking some up at Walmart – they’re currently on shelves in store and online, making them easy to find and stock up on.

Moms everywhere are saying “Yes!” to Capri Sun for their kids. And, unintentionally, they’re saying “Yes!” to the nostalgia that comes with opening up a brand new box of Capri Sun…

We surveyed real moms and asked them to share their own Capri Sun memories–let the nostalgia begin!

“Growing up I played baseball, a girl on an all boys team. It was common to get snacks and a drink after the game, and I remember being all hot, sweaty and dirty and reaching for that cool foil packet of Capri Sun. The foil was a refreshing feel in and of itself, and poking in the straw for some reason was as much fun as the drink. The best thing was blowing air into the package making it puff up like a marshmallow!”

“I remember grabbing Capri Sun out of the fridge and then hopping on my bike with it. Capri Sun was extra awesome for bike riding because they were so easy to hold and still hold onto the handlebars, just grab the top flat area of the foil package.” (Kids, don’t try this one at home!)

“I loved Capri Sun as a child. I didn’t get to enjoy it every day at school like most of my friends who had it in their lunches, but I could always look forward to birthday parties or any other “special occasion” or get together because my mom always made sure us kids had Capri Sun to drink. I remember my brother always getting in trouble when he was drinking his because when it was empty he would blow air into the pouch and then squeeze it, making the straw shoot out at people!”

“Having Capri Sun around when I was a child was always a treat. It was so nice on hot summer days to get one and relax after playing hard outside, and it came in a lot of flavors that I love that my mom knew I wasn’t picky about!”

“My best childhood memories of Capri Sun are from summer day camp — my mom would put one in my lunchbox every day. Whenever I give my kids a Capri Sun, it brings me back to my own childhood, playing whiffle ball, tag, hide and seek and going to the water park. I would bring Capri Sun on our weekly field trips to the zoo, theater, and roller rink. The flavors are classic and I love the newer lower sugar option for my kids.”

“I remember at parties growing up, all the children would try to outrun each other to get to the Capri Sun first — everyone wanted to get their favorite flavor! When I think of Capri Sun, I think of summer and endless lazy pool days.”

“I loved Capri Sun as a child. It was my favorite drink to take in my lunchbox because I didn’t like milk. I remember blowing up the pouch after I drank all of it and either tricking someone into thinking it was full or just squishing it. I also liked freezing them and making slushies out of them!”

Whether you remember growing up with Capri Sun or are just now experiencing it through your own children, they’ve got a variety perfect for every kid [or adult — no judgement here]. Now you just have to find out which variety is best for your family!