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Bebe Smooth // Head, Shoulders, Knees x Toes // For Delicate Skin

“When your little ones have sensitive skin, it’s no small deal. But no worries, delicate skin meets a gentle solution with Pipette — a non-toxic+ hypoallergenic solve to skincare for your little one. Our reco is the baby balm, but don’t let the name fool you — this plant-based moisturizer is made to be used by babies x moms, alike. Pat into baby's dry spots, and while you're at it, smooth over your hands x elbows for a little extra moisture. It's gentle x hydrating so even the most sensitive of skin stays nourished. Created by pediatricians, dermatologists, and biologists, you can trust that this clean remedy won’t compromise safety or sustainability for your babe [no toxins, no animal testing, no fragrances, no fluff].  ”

Baby Balm