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A Diapering Adventure with Pampers 360 Cruisers Fit

In Partnership with Pampers

We talked to Charlotte from NY and here’s what she had to say:

How Charlotte’s Baby Moved in the New Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit…
The Pampers 360 Cruisers FIT are a very interesting product. They are similar to a pull up with the absorbency of a full diaper. The Pampers 360 Cruisers fit diaper was really easy to put on my squiggly 18 month old daughter. You just pull them up their little legs and don't have to worry about pull tabs to make a decent fit around their waist. It really is a one size fits all situation. When the indicator strip turned from yellow to green we knew it was time for a change. The sides gently tear off and the little strip of tape goes over the top to seal in the contents. The diaper stayed nice and secure during the time she put it on till it was taken off. Her clothes stayed nice and dry after she went potty and we did not have to change her completely from top to bottom. They are very absorbent and comfortable for an entire day of baby fun.
Her Little’s Most Recent Milestone
Each milestone that Scarlett has reached is an amazing experience that we celebrate together as a family. When she first rolled over I was filled with so much love and pride for my little girl. Then she sat up for the first time and we were on the side lines cheering her on. I will never forget her very first steps at her music class. The entire room was cheering her on from mommies to babies. I love watching my children's growth and a milestone that is reached fills me with so much love and pride for them. I can not wait to see what the future will hold and am proud to say that Pampers has been with us since the very first smile and every moment of our little girl's journey.
Her Take On the Ease of Use
The Pampers 360 Cruisers Fit are an amazing, innovative product. We love the adorable design of a cute little animal and shapes in very colorful patterns. The cruiser was very easy to slide over little chubby legs. My daughter was very excited to step into them. The simple pull-up design makes changing a squirmy baby a breeze. They pulled up just like a pair of pants. I could use these diapers on-the-go, at home or everywhere. They are simply amazing. I was stunned to see how absorbent they are. My little girl can drench even the most absorbent diaper. Not only did she stay completely dry, her outfit was too. I actually changed a sleeping baby as the strip indicated she was wet, and she stayed completely asleep; well, I removed it and slid another one on. Scarlett is extremely comfortable in them and enjoyed hours of fun without any fuss. I can't wait to continue to use the Pampers 360 Cruisers fit with every diaper change.
Why Charlotte’s Baby Deserves the Quality Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit Provides…
Scarlett is incredible and deserves high quality diapers and products to protect her little baby bum. I love every little smile and laugh she graciously bestows on ya. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives. She can light up any room with her little personality. I want to give her the best of everything in the world and I truly believe that is Pampers 360 Cruisers fit diapers. I love how P&G strives to give us an affordable diaper without sacrificing quality. Thank you Pampers 360 Cruisers for looking out for our little Scarlett and helping provide an amazing diaper to protect her little bum.
Pampers 360 Cruisers Fit are an amazing, innovative diaper that will keep your baby's frown upside down from the very moment their little feet hit the ground.

Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit Diapers