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PRODUCT: Michael Angelo's Meat Sauce Lasagna
FOUND AT: Sam's Club
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We asked real women like you to try Michael Angelo’s Meat Sauce Lasagna. Here’s what they thought:

How did Michael Angelo’s bring the flavor of Italy to your home?
I love all the flavors and the rich textures. The cheese is delicately mixed into a robust sauce. I did not feel like I was heating a prepared ahead lasagna. It tastes fresh. Nothing was over powering. The meat is delicate and very sparingly sprinkled in just adding to all the flavors. Incredible flavor.
-Melissa, IL
Who did you share Michael Angelo’s Lasagna with?
I shared it with my husband and son. They both love lasagna with meat sauce. It did not last long on their plates and I love it because it is cooking made simple. I can spend more time talking with those I love around the dinner table instead of working in the kitchen.
-Ariel, TX