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PRODUCT: Maxwell House Iced Coffee
FOUND AT: Meijer
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We asked real women like you to try Maxwell House Iced Coffee. Here’s what they thought:

What makes Maxwell House Iced Coffee convenient for you?
Maxwell House Iced Coffee was a cheap and quick alternative to stopping at the gas station in the morning and I know it is all ready when we walk out the door. It is nice to change up the routine every now and then when we are running low on time, so this will be good to have around.
-Ashley, MI
How did Maxwell House Iced Coffee fit into your routine?
I normally make my coffee with just flavored liquid creamer and no sugar at home or on the go, and this coffee had an almost identical flavor to what I make myself. It was perfectly sweet, but not over powering and the coffee flavor still shone through. I loved it! Perfect for a busy morning on the go.
-Kristen, IN