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PRODUCT: Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies
FOUND AT: Walmart
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We asked real women like you to try Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies. Here’s what they thought:

How are these different from your typical cookies?
Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies stand out because of their creamy texture and crisp cookie along with just the right amount of sweetness that doesn't overload your tastebuds and allows the subtle flavor to come through.
-Lisa, IL
Who would you like to share these Biscoff Sandwich Cookies with?
I shared Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies with my husband and daughters. We love to travel, and one of our favorite airlines gives out Biscoff cookies. These cookies evoke memories of great trips we have taken. We had a great time talking about this as we ate the vanilla and chocolate filled cookies!
-Emily, NE