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The Mother of All Gift Guides

It’s time to celebrate the woman who has been with you since day one: mom. Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or the women in your life who have filled that role for you — she matters. This year, we are thinking outside the box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers for Mothers’ Day with gift ideas that have a more personal x thoughtful touch. As we seek to celebrate + lift up these notable women in our lives, we also hold space for those missing theirs, as well as those who long to be mothers themselves. We celebrate all women x acknowledge the unique gifts women innately possess as nurturers + caretakers. Take time to nurture yourselves x those you love with our round up of nine of our favourite finds for the women in your life. . .

01 | Bird Silo

This beautiful bird feeder is a welcome update to any backyard. It comes in two colors: camp green + terracotta x is specifically designed to function like a grain silo. Fill with sunflowers or peanuts for birds who like to cling vertically while eating [think: finches, woodpeckers + chickadees]. We would totally dine there if we were them.

02 | Glass Oil Infusion Bottle

This is a gift that will keep on giving. Designed by bartenders, this bottle makes it easy to infuse olive oil, spirits or even honey with herbs x unique flavors. The base screws right off for easy filling + refilling. Each vessel comes with a stopper for storing + a spout for easy pouring. Please pass the bread, so we can sop this up immediately.

03 | The Qi

A modern take on flowers for mom is this floral tea by the Qi. It’s a sensory experience in full bloom with a variety of flavors from organically grown, single-origin flowers, each with their own unique benefits [like blue lotus for stress relief or royal chrysanthemum for an immunity boost]. Each flower yields a fragrance that will lift her spirits + brighten her day.

04 | Linen Apron

What we love about French linen is that it’s a natural fiber that just gets better with age. This one is made from 100% European flax. We can see mom enjoying it for many years to come. And we can see ourselves borrowing it whenever she lets us help in the kitchen.

05 | Aesop Hand Wash

Don’t tell mom how much you spent on this soap, but she’s totally worth it – and so is this hand wash. This gentle formula contains orange, rosemary + lavender oils to effectively cleanse hands without drying them out. This scent is so addicting that we’ll be finding excuses to stay at her place — it’s a win-win.

06 | Family Recipe Journal

Meals + memories go together like bread x butter. This recipe book is at the top of our list, because it’s not just a place to store recipes, but it also contains space for adding notes about the people who love this dish + the moments that have made this meal memorable. The ideal gift for the sentimentalist in your life. 

07 | Linen Bowl Covers

We love introducing mom to eco-friendly swaps to her typical kitchen staples [like Ziploc bags or plastic wrap.]. This is a zero-waste, reusable option for covering bowls, plates, pots, jars and cups. There are four sizes available, and they are easy to care for by handwashing or throwing them in the washing machine.

09 | Smell Of Spring Decorative Fragrance

A chic upgrade to mom’s 90s potpourri x unexpected twist to Mother’s Day blooms. This decorative fragrance by Arkansas-based, Aromatique, is a sweet nod to spring x easy addition to your gifting. The Smell of Spring fragrance is made with zinnias, jasmine, rose + lily of the valley. Pour into a bowl or vintage glass vessel to instantly freshen up small spaces.

10 | Summer Fridays Lip Butter

The busy moms in our lives rarely treat themselves to life’s little luxuries like this one, which is why it made our list. This much-buzzed-about lip balm by Summer Fridays hydrates + soothes dry lips in a natural vanilla flavor. Swipe this silky vegan salve on mid-day for instant hydration or apply before bedtime for a luxurious overnight lip mask.