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The Fall Edit — 2020

Editor-In-Chief, Anna E. Cottrell, is back for this year’s Fall Edit with fresh picks for the season x an update on life as of late. Her picks always remind us of the novelty of a timely product. With the shift of a new season, we’re taking inventory of our current state, wellbeing, and priorities. With the forced slow down, we’ve been focusing largely on the comforts of home — which has proven to be very restorative. And without an end in sight, we’re focusing on editing our lives to reflect what is truly welcoming in life, rest, and peace in a season of unknowns x change. Without further ado, the best from our fearless leader. . .


O N   O U R   R A D A R

The Sill With a company mantra “Plants Make People Happy,” you know you’re in for something good. A few girlfriends recently sent over a plant from The Sill, which was beautifully appointed in the ‘Dolores’ planter.  Hailing all the way from New York, I couldn’t believe it arrived in such great condition. Total day brightener, if you’re looking to do the same for someone. 

Jenny Walton Mask — The fashion industry’s no.1 darling, Jenny Walton, began creating limited run vintage cotton face coverings when the pandemic first broke out. I’m wearing one of her original vintage daisy prints. They feel really secure and her releases always include some light-hearted illustrations. She is a must follow for her playful design aesthetic, her masks. . . and her dogs.

Meus Double Wreath — When you have a front door that is glass, like me, you have to get creative. My favourite thing to do is order a double wreath and hang it over the door with a long ribbon. Autumn is the perfect excuse to bring some foliage inside the the house and the women at Meus helped create this beautiful moment for the entry.

Baba Tree Hand Fan Exquisite, no? This hand-woven piece caught my eye the other night while window-shopping Goodee. Made in Ghana, this beautifully functional work of art would be gorgeous for a summer wedding, camping, or even a statement on your wall when off duty in the cooler months.

Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses My sister turned me on to these Govino wine glasses like five years ago. I’ve been known to bring a box to outdoor hangs, the beach, or tailgates  I’ve even stashed a box of them away for fall adventures in the camper. They’re minimal fuss, easy to transport, and you don’t have to worry about party fouls involving broken glass.

HAY Biodegradable Napkins — C’mon so cool. Stocking up on these charming, biodegradable napkins from HAY design — ideal for a picnic, road trip, or weekend away.

Do It For Yourself: A Guided Journal Inspiration meets motivation in this brightly-designed guided journal, combining the pop-art-inspired graphics of Subliming with a handful of thought-provoking prompts to encourage x inspire. Tessa Forrest is such a talented graphic artist, she is making it hard to not rip all of the pages out and frame ’em around my workspace.



AC: Thinking George [above] is kinda all of us, no? Life as of late — this forced slow down has been restorative to my soul. It has been therapeutic to finally nest, take it easy, and even style often overlooked corners of my house — as pictured, my mini outdoor courtyard and floating shelves. 


A recent solo weekend away. Just a 30 minute trek up north, I spent the weekend cozied up in my favourite local hotel, toured our new museum of modern art: The Momentary, did coffee, had dinner with a friend — a time of much needed rest x inspiration. A date with myself, if you will.


 Our longest running pandemic project has been restoring this 1974 vintage camper. It’s been the ideal refuge for someone such as myself who enjoys a home-away-from-home type of experience in the outdoors. Now that the exterior work is done, I’ve had the pleasure of putting final touches [think: linens, minimal x functional decor, etc]. Like a boat, every square inch must be used, which is a fun design challenge everything must be considered.


 A disco ball was something I had envisioned for the camper from the very beginning. We decided “why not” — life’s too short and she’s prettyyy cute. We’ll be wheels up for the first time over the holidays — heading Northeast to visit family in Virginia + Maryland and can hardly wait.


A N N A ‘ S   T O P   9

Leanne Ford Consultation via Cameo

AC: My pandemic experience in a nutshell: If it wasn’t nailed down at my place, it has moved. If it was nailed down, it stood a 50/50 chance of being moved. How did I have the confidence to make such brazen moves? I called in help from a new friend that feels like an old one, Leanne Ford. . . [and you can too!]  A few months back she started to take design consultations via Cameo and my personal experience was 10/10. You’ll book her, then email photos of your place along with any burning design questions you might have, and then she’ll get back to you via video in 1-3 days with feedback about your space — genius.

Menu Carrie Portable LED Lantern

An oldie but a goodie. I’ve
written about this before, but I’m just still not even close to over it.

Pressed Botanicals

AC: A floral muse of mine once said
“It is a roll of the dice but definitely worth the effort” to press flowers. Last month my family and I suffered a loss, and when it came time to part with flowers that loved ones had sent us — I had too hard of a time with the idea. Instead, we’ve opted to create art out of them! Checking in on our little pressed flowers project on the weekends has been really fun and therapeutic — I plan to frame whatever speaks to me most as a keepsake. How to: Place florals on paper [normal kraft or butcher paper works great] + lay as flat as possible. Top with a protectant of parchment paper, and place a heavy book on top for pressing. Leave for a few days, or until you reach your desired look. Trial + error is best. . . 

Round Jute Rug

AC: Now that we’ve finished the outside of our camper renovation, we’re into the fun part [imho] where I get to do my thing — sourcing + styling. While I realize there’s nothing groundbreaking about a jute rug, we needed a natural [and very miniature] rug to fit the space — but I was just so impressed with the quality, it won itself a spot on this list. Note: If I were on the hunt for my casa, I’d totally try one of these out in a larger scale. Just sayin’.

Home Chef Meal Delivery

AC: Before you eye roll, stick with me. I’ve genuinely loved this Home Chef business. We’ve done others before where they send you w-a-y too many meals at once and you can’t keep up, some that were $$$. . . but we’ve been doing this a little over a month and are having such a blast with it. Two times a week we branch out and test something different in the kitchen and it is really satisfying. I opted in with a discount from Jessica Kraus but I’m sure if you consult the internet, you too can find one. There was a snafu with the first shipment, so they immediately gifted us another — solid customer service. Go forth in confidence.

Large Linen Tote

AC: At a recent socially-distanced team meet up, Aisle 9 intern, Megan, showed up with the most incredible oversized, washed linen bag. While hers was a special keepsake from her mother, she helped me source a few similar unmarked options [Magic Linen, Madly Wish, Vikolino]. I would consider it seasonless for where we live, so I just think it is such a smart thing to have on hand year round. Think: lugging groceries, overnight bag, baby stuff, farmer’s market, work tote, etc.

Glass Bottles [Set Of 6]

If you’re on our A9 newsletter list [here, hint hint], you’ve already seen this recommendation of mine + hopefully you’re enjoying your own set? Well, I stand by it — now more than ever, since I’ve realized these are great for the most obvious reason of stashing water. . . but also as a friend recently pointed out, for juicing. . .

Resident Dog II: Incredible Homes and the Dogs Who Live There

AC: Volume II of Resident Dog is graced by Willie Wearstler, in a space designed by his human parent Kelly Wearstler. Why would I ever need another coffee table book? Available for pre-order and releasing November 10, I may have to treat myself to a copy. . .

La Sonriente Spanish Red Wine

AC: If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s where you live, I encourage you to find a wine mule —shoutout to you, Claire. This stuff is tasty and the bottle is easy on the eyes, too.


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