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The Editor’s Guide To Staying In

Adjusting to a new normal? Us too. We understand that now we’re all in a strange, uncertain chapter, but our team wants to help relieve some of your stress + worries. The ethos of Aisle 9 has always been to elevate + inspire your daily life with fresh products x ideas, while making it one that you can afford to love — now more than ever. We’re here to help you master life during a pandemic. With that in mind, we headed over to our archives to rediscover practical x noteworthy finds that could benefit all of us right now [pro tip: best read while streaming this week’s playlist]. Here, you’ll find our recos for keeping life creative x artful during social distancing. . .




01 | Bright Endeavors Candle — $22

When you’re confined to the four walls of your own home, a simple thing like lighting a candle can do a lot to set a mood in your makeshift office. Our personal pick for this season are the candles from Bright Endeavors. Not only do they smell incredible, but they’re hand poured by x benefit moms in need, lighting the way toward strong families and bright futures.

02 | Swingline Mini Stapler — $6

We’re not implying that your at-home arrangement isn’t already prepared with the essentials, but just in case here’s our reco on a tasteful addition to your desk wear.

03 | Tech Bento Box — $40

You might as well make yourself the CEO of your at-home office, which means your desk should be held to the same standard. 

04 | Luxye Gold Pens — $14

Totally professional x necessary for max-productivity. Take our word for it.

05 | Productivity Tips From The Aisle 9 Staff

In case you’re at a loss for motivation atm [no judgment, we’ve all been there], here’s 5 Productivity Tips from yours truly to re-inspire you. If you’re looking for something to spice up your day-to-day work flow, plug in to our OOO playlist on Spotify.


| E A S Y  A C T I V I T Y: Seriously Simple Slime — $5

Need an activity to keep little hands busy? Say goodbye to baking soda and glue, this is seriously simple to make — just add water + stir [no, really].

02 | Little Feminist Deck of Cards — $13

What is a day or two without a deck of cards? You x your little ones will love playing with this adorable stack that emphasizes some of history’s leading ladies.

03 | Jell-O Jungle Play Kit — $3

Who said you can’t play with your food? Sometimes it’s fun to let the kiddos break the rules.

04 | E A S Y  A C T I V I T Y: Fun With Matisse

Need an art lesson for your littles? We’re into this easy cut out activity, inspired by Matisse. Mamas, we don’t blame you for getting in on the creativity too!

05 | Little People, BIG DREAMS Books — $9

What a beautiful way to honor outstanding activists, leaders and artists’ lives by reflecting on their stories at bedtime, reminiscing on their relatable beginnings as simply little girls with big dreams. 

06 | Baby’s First Eames — $9

This beautifully illustrated children’s book is full of an overview on modern architecture x industry legends. For your artful littles with a heart for coloring inside [or outside] the lines. Bedtime reading just got more interesting.

07 | Earthtiles — $60

Looking to buy more than 10 minutes while your babes play? These Earthtiles, a natural take on classic Magnatiles, will keep your mini occupied + creative. The natural wood grain make these magnetic tiles a beautiful addition to your modern playroom.




01 | Static Nails — $14

Social distancing ruining your manicure? We  f e e l  you. Luckily, we’ve got a solution that won’t damage or break your natural nail beds — and it’s not your grandmother’s press ons.

02 | Hanacure At-Home Facial — $29

Three words: At-home facial. . . enough said.

03 | Lauren’s All Purpose Salve — $32

Let’s be real — this wash, rinse, repeat schedule is not very forgiving on our dry hands. Give your hands the love x moisture they need.

04 | Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies — $19

Get your nutrients in delish gummy form. Two gummies = 1 shot of ACV. Thank us in advance.

05 | Our Go To At-Home WorkoutGrab a pair of workout sliders [pro-tip: paper plates or a towel works just as well] + get in a sweat sesh at home with this slider workout from our own very own wellness contributor.

06 | Palo SantoSimply light the wood for 30 seconds and blow out the flame. Walk around the room, gently waving the woodsmoke and enjoying the positive, uplifting effects of the woodsy aroma.


01 | Cleancult Starter Kit — $57

Zero-waste packaging, coconut-based ingredients, and bundles that take care of everything from laundry + dishwashing to all purpose cleaners x hand soap.

02 | Scrub Daddy — $4

Dining in = dirty dishes = sink pile up . . . you see where we’re going with this? We’re choosing to clean up with a smile.

03 | Dust Pan — $29

A reimagined version of the classic workshop dustpan, this baby is ideal for clean-ups in those hard to reach spaces x available in 4 yummy colors [because matching your dustpan to your home decor is kind of important]. 

04 | Full Circle Soap Dispenser + Dish Brush Set — $13

Bringing it back to that dirty dish equation. This brush + dish set is the best way to keep your suds stylish + under control.

05 | MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag — $10

No need to breathe in a paper bag. Swap that method out for a deep, fresh breath of purified air. Stash a few of these around your house + reap the benefit of a good inhale + exhale.

06 | 6 Fool-Proof Uses For Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap — $16

With 18-in-1 uses – face, body, laundry, pets, dishes + more – this little bottle literally does it all. We’re sharing 6 of our favourite fool-proof uses for this bottle of magic [think: all-purpose cleaning spray, makeup brush cleaner, dog shampoo, and more.]




01 | Bauhaus Jigsaw Puzzle — $23

While you’re cooped up, break out the puzzles. Our reco is this tasteful little no. inspired by the Bauhaus art movement.

02 | A Thousand Mornings Poetry Book — $17

In the market for a good read? We are delving in to the simple + inspiring lessons that author Mary Oliver hits on in her poetry book. We find it more than necessary in these frenzied times to celebrate the beauty + mysticism of nature in our everyday lives.

03 | My Tiny Atlas — $14

Since sightseeing x travel is out of the question as of recently, escape the realities of your quarantine by following the adventures hidden in coffee-table treasure.

04 | Dining In: A Cookbook — $23

125 quick-trick recipes that help reinvent our quarantine. Dining in is the new going out.

05 | Our EIC’s Guide To Breaking Up With Your Wardrobe — Take this time to practice less is more by looking at areas of your life that could use a little reshaping + organizing. A healthy closet cleanout never hurt anyone, and we suggest taking a page from our EIC who recently did the deed. There’s no greater feeling than walking in to a fresh, clean space, so why not make use of this time to reinvent your own home.




Figuring out life during a pandemic is uncomfortable to say the least, but we’re hoping to bring a little normalcy to your day with these recos x finds. Got some helpful product ideas of your own? Hit our line [] or our socials [@aisle9].