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Summer Edit 2022

This year’s Summer Edit comes full of inspo from a recent little reno-project I’ve kept in my back pocket. I’ve been looking forward to sharing my treasured finds with you, but before I get carried away with the products + budget tips, I wanted to introduce the Firefly Cottage.

Months ago, a few friends x I went in on a charming little cabin get-away together. For hosting friends, family, out-of-towners, and more, the cabin sits on some acreage close to the Buffalo National River as a little slice of nature—or even just as a solid x quiet reprieve to curl up in the bathtub with a glass of wine + a book [more my speed, ya feel?]

After showing my fellow cabin owners an interior mood board for the space, I got busy pulling some of my tried x true staple products [some which have been featured on A9 + I keep in my own home], in addition to some newly sourced finds.

So much of the planning x primping that went into this space was curating through a filter:

  • On a budget
  • Durable for high traffic
  • Adaptable to aesthetics + seasons

Since I was sourcing for a group, I also prioritized sourcing finds that represented the collective style.

Once the grand flip was complete, I set out for a test-drive weekend with my mom, planned for the sole purpose to “sit in all the seats” + to see if there were any missing or impressionable moments. 

Because I’m so close to the project, I can admit there’s always something on my wishlist to add or upgrade. But for now, we’re delighted to share a little preview at the new digs + some insider scoop on the best sourced goods. Cannot wait to share this place in the Fall. For now, here’s a preview to some of my handpicks:

Psssst. Did I create socials for the cabin? Maybe. Check us out on Airbnb + IG

Anna’s Cabin Handpicks

01 | Dusen Dusen Flower Pillow

When it comes to decor accessories, there are some choices that are worth a small splurge. My pro tip is to seek accents that can double as staples. Take this throw for example — a simply spunky, yet effortlessly chic addition to our cabin’s neutral living space. It doesn’t distract with its impression, but it does add some healthy spice.

02 | MoMA Striped Floormat

This colourful floor mat caught my eye for reasons that are probably obvious. For one, it’s gorgeous. Secondly, for the purpose of warming up a space with minimal effort x budget, rather than going with a neutral-toned accessory, add a pop when there’s room for one [or in doubt, make room!] The most important rule to the trick of colour play is to opt-in for a sustainable pick that won’t ruin with wear. 

03 | Minimalist Fine Art Ocean Print

Speaking of breaking the bank, I’m all for original art. Surely, we’re all on the same page there. However, mounting a wall of canvases is not a cheap to-do. My reco is to start with framing original prints like this B+W select found on Etsy. There’s no reason to have empty walls even when you’re early in the project. 

04 | MoMA Lawn Chair

Outdoor seating doesn’t have to cost an arm x leg, nor does it have to be so . . . boring. Well-appointed for your campsite, poolside, or porch, I recommend this little number from MoMA Design [an all-time reco when it comes to outside-of-the-box home decor on a budget]. Its lightweight, foldable frame allows you to take it on the go, but it can also work as a staple with its retro, malleable style.

05 | TIKI Tabletop Torch

Another outdoor reco that may seem a smidge less sexy, but makes a world of difference when you’re in the woods, is a citronella lamp. There are many options in this market, but I prefer this contemporary pick, one that can serve as a nice garnish to your outdoor area as well as a trusty insect repellant. 

06 | Carved Cedar Directional Signs

I couldn’t help myself with this reco. I wanted the cabin to feel all the warmth x coziness it could afford, while remaining a chic oasis for its guests, and this cedar direction sign just felt like an easy nod to campsite culture [think Parent Trap if you’re not Meredith Blake]. The best part is, you can customize your set to provide directions to your own little cabin in the woods.

07 | Menu Portable Lamp

Curating little moments around your space doesn’t have to mean heavy hand-me-downs or loud accessories. The best part of designing any space is recognizing where there’s opportunity for the functional random. When I came across this portable table lamp [as featured here] I knew I had hit the jackpot on purpose x play. Works as a lamp, as an outdoor lantern, night light. . . the list goes on. 

08 | Leather Vase Holder

I’ve touched on this reco previously [see Mother’s Day Gift Guide], and it still holds true. Leather elements don’t have to come in the form of a heavy armchair. Instead you can sub in smaller, lighter elements of leather that still offer a soft, thoughtful detail.

09 | Marble Stone Coasters

Dressing up the new space, I wanted to include thoughtful, intimate touches. Something as tiny as upgrading your coasters can truly elevate + emphasize the comfort of a room. Think of these little moments as invitations for company x conversation.

10 | MoMA Braun Alarm Clock

I’m a sucker for upscaling the basics, and this simple, retro desk clock just spoke to me. If anything, it serves as a reminder that there is always room for elevation even in the smallest of details.

11 | Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

Reemphasizing company in what we curate, it’s all about creating pockets of comfort that can also serve as invitations for closeness. With that in mind, it’s only fair I add in a little wild card to the mix. This after-dinner special can be enjoyed with the whole fam. 

12 | IKEA Candlestick Holders

I know we’ve talked a lot about color play, and while I hold true to that method of elevating a space, another tried x true is sticking to the basics. When pairing neutral accessories, I think it’s important to never get too carried away with uniformity. I tend to lean toward mixing black x white accents as centerpieces, such as these ivory tapers. Especially in a rustic cabin such as the Firefly, a palette cleansing combination can feel right in jux to the wooden accents.

13 | Wide Brim Palm Leaf Hat

It wouldn’t be an A9 edit without mention of a personal accessory. I’ve sourced a price-effective dupe for the popular wide-brim gardening hats, which is a staple in my household. . . really it could double as a home decor reco because just look at it. This hat was for sitting + looking pretty.

14 | Dinnerware Set

Much of this edit revolves around where to spend + how to elevate for less, but a really important reminder that I want to plug is how to pick your basics [as featured here]. You’re going to have plates, silverware, and glassware, etc. so when it comes to picking out what goes inside the cabinets, I suggest going simple. There will be plenty of opportunity to throw in color, patterns, and limited-edition designs, but for everyday use, it’s better to think simply + sustainably. 

15 | Chameleon Cold-Brew

For a really home-y feel, I also suggest stocking the fridge with a little caffeine fix. Ever since our iced coffee round up, I’ve been hooked on the Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate. The best part is no matter how you take your coffee, the concentrate can be fixed up to your liking.

honorable mentions



Yamazaki Accent Table – $82

Gathre Midi Mat — $115
As featured here

Welcome Book Template — $14

Striped Cotton Throw – Gap x Walmart Collaboration — $30

Mainstays Floor Lamp — $44

GuideLight 2 PLUS — $22
As featured here

Aged Brass Flushmount Wall Sconce — $55
I may or may not be snagging this for my own home. 



Flour Sack Cotton Napkins – $12
featured here

Marble Looking Utensil Holder – $17

Stainless Steel Grill Kit – $30

Stemless Wine Glasses – $20

Mountain Valley Water
Arkansas native over here 👋🏼

Champagne Sealer – $17



Solar Lights – $50

LED Bistro Lights – $40

String Light Stands – $130



Waffle Robes– $32
An essential for uplifting a new space for some spa-quality content.

Pinzon Heavyweight Luxury Cotton Towels – $23

Yamazaki Tissue Holder – $30

Dr. Perfect Toothbrushes – $12
As featured here.

Duvet Cover – $40
My reco is to purchase a quality insert + pair with a 100% cotton cover. 


To see more from Anna, follow along via Instagram @annaecottrell or dig into her past Summer + Fall edits.

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