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Summer Edit 2021

While dreaming up this season’s edit x what products to share with you, our Editor-In-Chief, Anna E. Cottrell couldn’t help but think back to the habits, and traditions, and recommendations she adopted over the years from her friends. If we are a product of our surroundings, this summer’s dispatch + inspiration go to those most closest to our gal. Finding ourselves in a season of of re-entry, we felt it fitting to give you a little BTS of Anna’s latest venture out West: a roadtrip, a house swap, and an excess of treasures found along the way. Here’s a peek in. . .

It’s safe to assume everyone here is familiar with the 2006 rom-com The Holiday, right? The one where Cameron Diaz is opposite to Kate Winslet in a story of two women who swap homes to escape their present. The film is a classic, and the idea of trading lives with someone is a dream I’ve kept in my back pocket for many moons now. While traveling wasn’t quite on the agenda last year, the concept of a house swap made all the more sense as we transitioned into a new landscape, while still wanting to keep terminals to a minimum. 

Since 2019, I have become an occasional home-swapper with the help of friends who live in inspiring x noteworthy places. I found that by embedding myself into the lives of others [even just for a weekend] I’m creatively stimulated and leave with a full checklist of what to add to my cart next. 

My rendition of this residential exchange was an escape to the desert — Santa Fe to be exact. After packing up our camper, suitcases of essentials, and [of course] the two pups, we headed out on our 14-hour trip west. Two weeks in our home away from home was filled with work x play — editorial meetings and projects when the sun was up + lavender fields and desert exploring when the clock hit five. As usual, I came home from my trip not only inspired by the finds I sourced weaving my way through the city, but within the four terracotta walls we called home. From products that caught my eye, to those that I made sure to pack in my overnighter, I’m sharing what I’m considering my essentials for summer below. . .

Anna’s Top 10 For Summer

01 | Lack Of Color Western Wide Palma

An accessory that kept me covered in the warm temps x sunny days of New Mexico was this wide-brimmed chapeau. From neighborhood walks to backyard sunbathing, you could find me looking for any excuse to top off my wardrobe. Aside from being my favorite accessory for bad hair days, this hat comes with SPF 50. . . who knew?

02 | Beach Riot Psychedelic Swimsuit

Speaking of time in the sun, I’ve got my summer uniform locked down. The cool girl of swimwear, Beach Riot [sourced locally], offers classic x standout suits, so I knew where to look for my waterside wardrobe. I’m not really one to save a spot for swimsuits on my list of must-haves, but this one piece gets brownie points for catching my eye.

03 | Tushy

Bidet’s can be quite polarizing, but when I first came across this device in my friends’ home in Santa Fe, it was the perfect excuse to see which side I was on. Between the sanitary nature + cheeky branding of Tushy, I hate to say it — but I was on board. An upgrade for your next house guest.

04 | Los Poblanos Lavender Mist

I’ve been sold on these products since I was first introduced to their Lavender Mist, but getting the chance to walk the property of its Farm Shop in New Mexico [where products are made x distributed] I’m even more of a fan. Since 1999, Los Poblanos farm has been home to organic, hybrid lavender. There’s something so special x promising about the dedication + integrity put into crafting beautiful, pure things.

05 | Warby Parker x Tyshawn Jones Collaboration

These shades come with guaranteed cool factor. A spunky take on the classic wayfarer style, the checkerboard design on these “Harris” frames, adds some spice to my summer lineup. The best part? They’re traditionally sunnies, so swapping in your perscription means you’re getting a serious deal on frames [under $100]. Run, don’t walk. 

06 | Brass Hose Nozzle

A recurrent theme of this edit is finding ways to welcome the warmest season. For me, that means looking after my outside quarters with extra care. Like many things in life, I’m always looking to elevate the ordinary. When I came across this hose nozzle for [wait for it] $16, I couldn’t help myself.

07 | Handwoven Blanket

Dual functionality is always a plus, which is why this blanket’s service as both a cozy indoor quilt x picnic spread makes it an easy addition to this roundup. The handwoven design [by Odd Bird] + 100% turkish cotton also helps. Hillfolk’s curation of thoughtful textiles x handmade goods are always received well in my book, so I don’t think twice when recommending their products.

08 | Biodegradable Loose Leaf Tea Sachets

Another mention of this summer is my attempt to renew x recharge. In doing so, I started drinking tea more regularly x was on the hunt for a more sustainable way to sip. These filter bags are easy to pack on the go x fill with your favorite loose leaf tea. A biodegradable x compostable option for when your pinky is up. 

09 | Aura Bora Sparkling Water

I’ve talked before about seltzers, kombucha, and every other sparkling beverage around the sun. What I’ve never touched on is herbal sparkling water. When I discovered this fix for something bubbly, I immediately purchased in bulk. The best part of these refreshers is that they’re made vegan sans sugar, calories, gluten, GMO, or sodium. Psst. . . I’m sweet on the cactus rose flavor.

10 | Good Light Cosmic Dew Water Cleaner

This reco came straight from my dear friend x beauty dispatcher, April Martin, which means it’s basically gospel. For sensitive skin that needs a little more TLC [which don’t we all?], this cleanser is prime. The gentle gel-to-foam solvent works in two ways. It’s first use is as a daily cleanser made to massage into skin x rinse with water. It also serves as a face mask when applied to dry skin + left for 2-3 minutes before rinsed x patted dry. 

To see more from Anna, follow along via Instagram @annaecottrell or dig into her past Spring + Summer edits.

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