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Spring Edit 2021

Editor-In-Chief, Anna E. Cottrell, is back for The Spring Edit with top finds for the season ahead, as well as a look at life as of late. Entering a much anticipated time for all of us, we can’t help but acknowledge the symbolism of fresh growth and warmer days after a season of wintering x hibernation. A gentle, yet reliable reminder that out of every Winter comes a Spring. . .

This season comes with a bit of déjà vu. Last year’s project to remaster my closet space feels like yesterday’s work, yet here we are again. This spring, I’m operating on a few life lines: my home, wardrobe, and even hair color. There’s something about this time of year that urges for clean x simple.

Just last weekend, I pulled away the door wreaths x fireplace garnishes to welcome the vernal season. Besides changing out winter blankets for tulips x linens, I decided to tackle a few other swaps. A year of working from home — a thousand square foot space where every inch is needed — made me realize I need a proper study. I finally bit the bullet + transitioned the guest bed into an office last month. Why it took me so long? I’m wondering the same myself, but c’est la vie.

Where the cooking happens, I am currently mid-operation. In March, my countertops received a concrete facial to match the prior renovation from last season, when I fully extracted my upper cabinets + replaced them with a floating shelf. I also swapped out my sink faucet for $150, which makes all the difference. I’ve been enjoying taking my time with the home projects, and now I’m prepping for this coming month, when Arkansas Heritage, an organization focused on preserving the state’s natural history, is coming to photograph + submit my house as a listing for the National Register of Historic Places [*deep breaths*]

Something else I’ve been leaning into is color play. My seasonal forecast is telling me to keep an eye on yellow hues, but in my jewelry collection, I’m reaching for silver. Years ago, I was on the hunt for a statement pinky ring. I spotted a sterling band at an antique shop. It was entirely too large, but the price was right so I had it sized down at a local jewelry store x voila! The downsize has made it one of my most prized possessions.

It feels like a fitting time of year to play outside our palettes — style, home, colors, concrete. . . whatever pleases your eye x makes you feel good. I’m under the impression that anything goes. With that in mind, here are the top 10 products x finds I’ve been into. . .

Anna’s Top 10 For Spring

01 | Calm Magnesium Capsules

Stress relief but make it au naturel. These capsules are the real deal for gently ushering my daily intake of magnesium, no problem. Plus the subtle lavender and lemon balm scent never hurts. Found these goodies at Whole Foods, but you can also read up + purchase here.

02 | Essie 'Geranium'

Spring is just around the corner, and my mind is on clean linens, budding florals, and sun-kissed days. . . just to name a few. While I’m a regular for neutral tones, I’ve been trying out a more colorful palette this season and found this polish to be high on my list. 

03 | Dried Lunaria

Nicknamed ‘honesty’ in the UK, but also ‘money plant’ for its resemblance to coins, this bouquet of dried lunaria has been such a gorgeous accent next to my window. The iridescent shimmer of its leaves basking in sunlight is so lovely to see. Not to mention, dried florals are in it for the long run. . . I expect this bunch to be around for the next year. Purchased locally at Meus.

04 | The New Southern

Feeling inspired by this book in more ways than one. For starters, Alyssa’s mission to challenge and rethink Southern traditions serves as a reminder that any one of us is capable of making a difference x thinking outside the norms. In her book, she pulls up a seat for designers, artists and other creatives who aim to reinvent the idea of home and its Southern roots.

05 | Conway Electric Extension Cord

I’ve been waiting on this one. After months of sitting on it, I finally pulled the trigger + have no regrets. There’s something that feels special about an attractive extension cord, and with these you get so many options to choose from [style, colors, length, budget, etc.]

06 | Balconette Demi Shelf Bra

More intimately, I’ve been loving this bra. . . and it looks like I’m not alone [2,000 reviews on Amazons makes it a pretty appealing purchase.] In comparison to other top shelf brassieres, this one only sets me back $20. 

07 | Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf

I mentioned my new itch for color, and one of the easiest ways I’ve been able to incorporate is in the add-on details like this silk scarf. Beautifully x naturally dyed by hand in NWA with local florals, plants, and dried flowers. 

08 | Ripple Travel Cups

On a mission to become my own favourite barista, and to truly look the part, I purchased this set of insulated cups x lids for on the go. My at-home bevs are served cafe-style, and now I just need to perfect my latte art [r i i g h t]

09 | Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes

With this sunny season comes spring cleaning. Last year, I took it to my closet. This year, I’m looking at the details. These cleaning wipes are made for any stainless steel surface or appliance x make life so much easier. Saying goodbye to the fingerprints x smudges on my fridge, and my space is thankful for it.

10 | Chain Anklet

If you’ve been here a minute, you know I have a longstanding relationship with the California-based designers at Thatch. I trust them with all my jewelry inquiries. My latest endeavor has been this chain anklet, which comes in gold or silver. It’s dainty + stunning, and I swear I never take mine off. 

Currently Testing

JSHealth Skin + Digestion Tablets (trial week 2)

Beauty Counter The Clean Deo (trial week 3) 

Covergirl Lash Blast Clean (trial week 2)

Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites (trial week 2)

SkinTē (trail week 1)

On My Radar

Pomelo Casa – beautiful ceramics made in spain 

Maria Stanley Beret

Handmade brass arc bun pins

Levi’s x Target Collaboration (most notably the denim x sherpa dog toy)

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