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Out Of Office with Aisle 9

These last few weeks, our team has conducted a virtual series, OOO, to make space for convos, topics, interviews, and pro tips to elevate your life [out of office]. This series was all about bringing inspiration back to our readers. Whether it’s in a new recipe or cocktail or advice on what to do now that our world is on pause, we have a few solves for you. In case you missed it [or need a little recap], we’re here to give you direct access.

T H E  L I N E U P

01 | Career Q+A with Lauren Adams + Anna E. Cottrell — We welcomed the discussion of work + career with Senior Manager of Recruitment at Walmart. Our EIC stepped in to ask her 10 questions that covered all things virtual interviews, polishing your resume, and advice for navigating a career path during this time. Want to watch the live replay? Click here.

02 | Dining in with Mollie Mullis — chef x co-owner of Oven + Tap shares how to recreate her favourite healthy weeknight dish: braised chicken with peppers + beans. Using interchangeable ingredients, Mullis guides us through pairing the flavors of pantry staples you likely have on hand.

03 | A Guided Meditation with Danielle Ribaudo — We turned to our yogi friend for a simple zen session you can do from  a n y w h e r e. Simple breathing techniques x refocusing our minds will do wonders during this quarantine. For a beginner’s lesson on meditation [the gist x benefits], study up here.

04 | 3 Ingredient Cocktails — Our assistant editor is sharing her favourite simple, at-home cocktails [each with only three ingredients] On tap: Lavender Bee’s Knees, Brown Derby, Ranch Water, and a simple G+T.

05 | Beauty Break with Kelly Stuckey — We tapped this beauty expert, ma, and small business owner to school us with her at-home beauty tips, as well as share a few of her favourite beauty + skincare products and routines. She dishes out advice on trimming our bangs x covering up our own roots, along with product recos to elevate your beauty routine at home.

06 | Wellness Check In with Nicole Boddington — Our resident wellness guru came in clutch + answered your burning questions around health x wellness. She touches on at-home wellness tips + insights, highlights helpful online resources she’s using on repeat, as well as the benefits of sleep. Curious to know how she got started with her kick in wellness?  Get the background on her journey in our interview with her.

07 | Wine Pairing 101 with Danielle Ribaudo — We asked wine curator + co-owner of Heirloom at the 1907 to twist a few corks x give us a vino pairings crash course. Along with rounding up a pairing guide, Danielle indulged us in a chardonnay tasting. Tune in for the full tasting here. If you’re in need of something new to sip at date night, look no further.

08 | Insider Interview with Anna E. Cottrell — Our EIC gave us an inside look at her day to day, wardrobe + interior styling tips, a deep dive into her career in the fashion industry, and the products she’s into as of late. If you’re seeking inspiration, or maybe are just as curious as we are about Anna’s day to day, tune in for her insider interview.

09 | OOO Playlists on Spotify — We’re dishing out some tunes to spice up your staying in routine. These playlists are curated for you x your quarantine whether you’re working from home or phasing in. Stream with us + send your recos our way.


We want to give a special thank you to our readers for supporting us x following along with the series. Crossing our fingers that you found the series inspiring + could take away a some new tricks, recipes or hope. Keep up with the series + other OOO features on our instagram, where our creative muscles are warming up.