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Our July Edit

Summer is the season of travel, and we’re embracing it all the way. This past month, our Editor-In-Chief, Anna, was on the road enjoying the west coast + more recently the expansive landscape of Santa Fe. For her July edit, Anna is sharing inspiring products she spotted along the way, mixed in with some everyday products she’s been loving as of late.


White Butterfly Chairs

AC: On a recent trip to the west coast, I was so taken by the vibe of these iconic butterfly chairs. The courtyard at the Phoenix Hotel had them in mass and it felt really cool + inviting. I scoured the internet for something similar and finally landed on a set of these bad boys for my own outdoor area at home.

Black Electric Kettle

AC: As our only non-camping night in Yosemite, we stayed in an airstream at a place called Autocamp [a must if you’re in the area]. Inside, they had this great little electric kettle that made morning coffee a piece of cake.  Plus it is a clean black, so it looks fantastic on your counter space.

Morgan Grenache Blanc

AC: Maybe it was the setting — but this bottle is a new favourite. I enjoyed a glass of this at a hotel off the coast of Big Sur. The bottle is from the Santa Lucia Highlands, a small but mighty wine growing appellation in Monterey County that cultivates California’s best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 

Organic Pharmacy Self Tanner

AC: Let’s be honest, self tanners can be hit or miss. This one came as a recommendation and was way more effective than I thought it would be! It’s 100% natural with ingredients derived from sugar beet and free of that distinctive scent self tanners normally have.

Cetyl Chewables

AC: Since I have a now have a senior dog in my household [hey peppa girl, you’re still gorgeous], I’ve seen a noticeable difference in her mobility since giving her a few of these a day.

Dulton Smiley Dustpan

AC: Any time I open my cleaning closet and reach for this dustpan, I can’t help but smile. It tends to make even the most mundane tasks kinda fun. I scoured mine on discount in a cheery yellow, but they’re also offered in some really great neutrals.

Tunes On Repeat:
‘Good Day’ Nappy Roots + ‘She’s A Rainbow’ The Rolling Stones

Also recently went on a Father John Misty bender before catching him live a few weekends back

Podcasts She’s Listening To:
Planet Money + Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

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