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Holiday Gift Guide | Winter 2021

It’s that time of year when we pull out the wrapping paper + assorted bows, and transform a corner of our homes into Santa’s workshop. Maybe you’ve had your lists carved out since the first of November, or you’re just now thinking about who’s going to be sitting around the tree. No matter how prepared you are [or aren’t] for the holidays, our team has rounded up the best-of-the-best items from our own wishlists, gift guides, and home runs of this past year to share with you. From the foodie x homebody, to the dude in your life, above all we hope to inspire your gifting this year for the ones you love most. Keep scrolling to check everyone off your list. . .



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01 | MoMA Wire Mesh Bowl — $50

Whether you’re buying for a food lover or someone who just really appreciates a well-curated kitchen, this accent bowl is sure to please. The double-walled mesh design alone allows for air circulation, keeping your fruit fresh. Plus, if there’s a certain someone who gravitates toward that extra pop of color, this is a home run staple to adorn their countertops.

02 | Pasta Grannies: The Official Cookbook — $19

It goes without saying that this reco is a safe option for any pasta lover in your life, but don’t take that as an undersell — quite the opposite. While it’s a cookbook at heart, it’s also a guide to appreciating the company around our tables + the meals we put in front of them. Filled with stories, recipes, and sentiments from true pasta grannies, this is a gift we’re stocking up on for all our foodies. 

03 | Our Place Perfect Pot $165

Last year we hailed praises for the Always Pan, and this year we’re tying a ribbon around its sister, the Perfect Pot. A thoughtfully-designed dish that promises to master any + all of your treasured family recipes with ease. Stick this under the tree x address to the master chef of your family.

04 | Onyx Coffee Collection Box — $55

We can’t seem to curate a gift guide without including this coffee brand year after year. Even if you’re wrapping it for someone who’s only just bought-in to specialty, this is the year to introduce them to the flavorful [+ slightly addicting] world of sipping Onyx Coffee. With their new Collection Box, you can stretch this gift further by dividing it into individual [4] stocking stuffers. Not to mention, it’s promised to coat your Christmas morning with the warm aroma of a good brew.

05 |  OMSOM Starter Pack $29

Another exceptional idea for someone who may be trying out a new flavor palate is this pack of individual recipe starters made to master Asian cuisines. Whether on its own or in addition to a kitchen staple [say, the Perfect Pot], this gift couldn’t be more simple with loud x proud sauces + spices that will enrich each bite. Bonus: This sampler set comes with 6 individually-portioned starters, so they make for an eye-catching x budget-friendly stocking stuffer for those on your nice list. 

06 | KINTO Cold Brew Capsule — $32

With a sleek capsule design + a smooth x strong flavor, the KINTO Cold Brew Carafe is no joke. This find may just be your lifesaver. Making your own brew never looked so chic, not to mention its liter-sized container is just enough to last us the whole week.



01 | Arber Bio Protectant Plant Food— $24

If you’re struggling to find a gift for a plant parent, the buck stops here. Look no further than Arber, who’s changing the game when it comes to tending to our plants. Our reco for pleasing the green thumbs in your life: Bio Protectant — the most powerful + versatile of their line up. This extract is a three-in-one, doing the job of plant food while also providing stimulant x fungicidal benefits. Sourced from our local friends at BRIKA in Bentonville, this is sure to keep your plants strong + healthy. 

02 | ELSE Underwire Bra + Briefs— $155

Shopping for undergarments is a trick in the book few have mastered. Any woman out there can attest that when shopping for intimates, you want a piece that is delicate, sophisticated, and one you can enjoy for years to come. Curated by our favourite bridal shop, Else Lingerie has evolved their best-selling piece to offer even more support x comfort. This year, gift a gal [or yourself] a set that checks off all the boxes from elegance x support, to comfort. . . three things that can be near impossible to find in the intimates section. Want to support a small business? We’re picking ours up from Joon Bridal.

03 | Happy Home Slippers — $38

A gift that truly will have you smiling from toe-to-toe, these slippers are a must for the someone in your life who goes the extra mile to work comfort into their OOTD. Not only are they adorably designed, they’re extra soft + cozy. Warning: you may even be tempted to snag a second pair for yourself.

04 | Le Puzz — $38

A holiday tradition that keeps on giving, we would never forget to include another swoon-worthy puzzle in this roundup. One of our graphic designers brought this jigsaw to our attention in our recent team meeting, and we couldn’t help but gush over its superbly funky design. This assortment of pieces will adorn your Sunday afternoons + fireplace evenings with ease.

05 | Bamboo Tile Bath Mat — $20

A true homebody will know the importance + luxury of curating a bathroom set up this reco takes the experience a step further. We can’t help but pat ourselves on the back when we source a find from Walmart that fits the bill [ie. practicality, affordability, and sleek design]. Made of durable bamboo, it’s water-resistant, sturdy, and is good lookin’ next to any tub. Transform your post-wash ritual into an at-home spa experience with this sleek, gift-worthy bath mat.



01 | Ferm Living Alza Bowl — $169

A dreamy little piece to add to their home collection, this marble bowl is everything. Sourced by our friends at BEIGE, the timelessness of the black marble makes for the most elegant centerpiece to adorn any nook, cranny, or tabletop. Your friends will be ooh-ing + ahh-ing over this gift for seasons to come.

02 | UASHMAMA Wine Bag — $34

The perfect gift for that friend who never shows up empty-handed. A seamless design for taking your pinot from Point A to Point B all while keeping cool. As our EIC’s top reco of the season, it’s safe to say we’re fans

03 | Bedside Carafe — $20

A stunning addition to any hostess’ home, this carafe will not only elevate your guest’s bedside, but won’t break the bank [coming in at just twenty bones]. With all that extra cash, maybe you throw in a candle or a bottle of their favourite vino. 

04 | British Colour Standard Taper Candles — $40, set of 6

If you’re stuck on what to get that one friend with a marvelous eye for design + exceptional taste, we’ve got you covered. A funky twist on fine dining, we’ve got a feeling these striped tapers will be a hit. Though these were snatched up quick, we have our eyes on other colourful options herehere, and here

05 | Rainbow Playing Cards — $13

While having a stack of kings + aces is staple, there’s something to be said about a specialty deck that really wows the crowd. For gifting the player, we recommend adding this deck to the shuffle.



01 | Hume Supernatural Dry Body Oil Mist — $25

Taking moisture + glossy sheen to the next level, you’ll want to purchase more than one of these dry body oils from Hume Supernatural. Their plant-based formula keeps skin supple x makes lathering up + slipping into your wardrobe all the more delightful. No rubbing off with wear. This gift is sure to be fought over on Christmas morning.

02 | Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask — $22

When we talk about self-indulging, we’re talking about a lip mask. It’s the kind of thing we never think to buy for ourselves, but could always use. For ultimate hydration + exceptionally soft lips, look no further than Laneige. Curious if it’s worth the hype? Our Editors recently put it to the test — read their verdict here.

03 | Weezie Makeup Towels — $40, set of 2

For that personal touch, we couldn’t help but throw these face towels into the mix. Whether to be customized with names or adorned with sweet sentiments, this pair of no-fuss towelettes is sure to please. It helps you wash off the day while hiding any trace of mascara residue— no more ruined wash cloths. Pro tip: stock these in your bathroom for guests to avoid stressing about makeup stains on your day-to-day hand towels.

04 | Bare Hands Manicure Kit — $39

When shopping for that one friend who stays in-the-know on all things beauty, be sure to add this dry gloss manicure kit to cart. Packed in a luxe vegan leather case, it comes with a sleek glass polisher + convenient cuticle oil to hydrate, condition, and support skin’s natural functions. A go-to gift to elevate any self-care routine. 

05 | ohora Semi-Cured Gel Nail Set$35

Another option for gifting that friend who prioritizes a steady self-care routine is this at-home gel manicure set. The standout? Made of real liquid gel, this set of three is waterproof + lasts up to 14 days, with easy application, pain-free removal, and all that jazz. What else could you want from your polish?

06 | Revlon Hair Dryer + Volumizer Hot Air Brush $54

Since it’s pretty much impossible to put a bow on a daily blowout, here’s the next best thing. This drying brush from Revlon is the simplest, most cost-effective device to ever enter our lives. When it comes to an easy blow-dry routine, we recommend sharing the love + gifting this outstanding find.



01 | Aira Ionic Facial Steamer — $123

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your wellness guru, we’ve got you covered. It’s one word + two syllables: indulge. This facial steamer changes the game for your wind-down routine so you can detox + cleanse your skin like a professional. Think of it as your very own personal sauna. Not that anyone’s keeping score, but this gift will probably win the most ooohs + aaahs of any package wrapped under the tree. 

02 | Sakara Detox Water Drops — $39, set of 2

For the friend who is willing to try anything in the name of wellness, tie a ribbon around these detox drops + drop it in their stocking. It’s the kind of hydration boost that comes with many curious stares [but no unexpected flavours]. All it takes is a glass of water + a few drops. 

03 | Naked Nutrition Chocolate Protein Bars — $30

If you’ve got a health nut you’re shopping for, we’re looking to Naked Nutrition who, unlike other companies, are known for transparency in their ingredients. We personally vouch for this 12-pack of chocolate protein bars + can attest you’ll want to enjoy the entire box. At under 200 calories + 15g protein, it’s the ideal protein fix whether you’re post workout or on the go.

04 | Dosist ‘Calm’ Sleep Tincture — $39

Anyone you know on a CBD kick? Even if they’re not, these drops are truly a dream. Vetted x vouched for by our EIC, this brand has been bragged on by the big leagues themselves [TIME, GQ, and Fast Company]. For getting a good night’s rest or just winding down, just a drop under the tongue will do the trick.

05 | True Tea Golden Milk  $15

Another dreamy addition to throw in a stocking is this tea blend. The latte of teas, Golden Milk is made up of organic warming spices + sweetened slightly with honey. It’s delicious, rich in flavor x antioxidant properties, and it makes a wonderful alternative for those tea lovers who crave an early night in.

06 | Oribe Cote d’Azur Incense  $65 

Maybe saving the best for last, we’re offering up another Oribe product for a second time. . . which has to count for something. For anyone else who’s tired of gifting candles, we’re making the swap to incense. It’s true when they say that anyone who gets a whiff of this fragrance will immediately want it for themselves. Since everyone loves the dreamy accent of scents, why not gift a gorgeous one?



01 | BÉIS Mini Weekender Bag — $88

If the jet setter in your life doesn’t already have this weekender tote, may we suggest you run, don’t walk, to BÉIS. Thoughtfully designed for every journey, this bag is filled with surprises + compartments that will make your life easier when getting to that destination. Bonus: It’s compact enough to pass as a personal item on most major airlines, helping you fly baggage free. 

02 | Cadence Magnetic Travel Cubes — $84

Speaking of organizing hacks, these compact, magnetic cubes [that you may have seen all over Instagram] are great for sorting shampoo, conditioner, supplements, jewelry and the rest of your toiletries x skincare staples. It truly can hold it all. Plus, it’s leak proof and deemed practically indestructible — ideal for the gal on the go.

03 | BAGGU 3D Zip Set — $34

You can never go wrong with stashing a BAGGU set in someone’s stocking, and this time around we’re pitching the zip set of toiletry bags + packing organizers. Any traveler knows the inconvenience of having your items scrambled in the carry on, but with these pouches, everything has a place.

04 | Pill Organizer — $20

We’ve been on the lookout + finally stumbled across a pill organizer that is not only sturdy, but chic. It’s made with premium aluminum alloy with roomy compartments to store your daily dose so you can simply stow x go. A carry-on staple if you ask us.



01 | beardedgoat Odis Boatyard Sweater $148

A simple, practical, and cozy gift item for your guy is this heavyweight waffle-knit pullover from beardedgoat. Built for colder days + layering up at night, it’s a wear-me-forever kind of sweater x one that you’ll continue to steal from his dresser drawer. 

02 | South 40 Snacks Sunflower Seeds — $31, pack of 6

Sunflower seeds can be more than just a grab x go snack for your dude. An homage to days at the ballpark or road trips with friends, stashing this salty snack in his stocking is sure to be a winner. The branding of South 40 Snacks alone is one to catch his eye, but with their giant-sized seeds + salty flavor, we’re certain this snack will easily transition to pantry staple.

03 | Goshi Shower Towel — $15

Giving the gift of smooth skin is much easier than it sounds. Especially as we enter the dry skin era of winter, pamper him with this exfoliating towel + maybe throw in some essential oils x balms so his skin regimen is complete + smooth all season long. 

04 | Hario Thermal Carafe — $30

If he loves a good brew, this thermal carafe is a “can’t miss” on your list. Perfect for keeping your pour over warm for up to 90 minutes, this device has genius heating technology so you both can take your time to savor each sip. 



01 | Sunprint Kit — $6

Bringing it back to a crafty tradition [that’s been around since the 70s] these Sunprint Kits are helping us pull away from screen time to be more present during the holidays. It’s as easy as placing a flower [or other floral object] onto the special print paper, and then setting it in direct sunlight for a few moments. After you rinse, you’ll find a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind print that lasts forever.

02 | Olive & June Polish Remover Pot— $8

Olive & June has made at-home manis that much easier with this polish remover pot. Simply dip your fingers into the pot x twist until polish is removed — no cotton balls required. It’s our new staple for under the bathroom sink. Pro tip: before applying your nail color, dip your nails in this remover to strip the nail of oils for a better polish application. 

03 | Supergoop! Glow Screen — $20

Gift your friends healthy, glowing, and protected skin with this glow screen from Super Goop! This skin primer protects with SPF 40 and leaves your skin looking  r a d i a n t . . . What more could you ask for in a stocking stuffer? 

04 | BIC Millenial Lighters — $15, set of 8

This set of strikes is a must for every stocking. Be sure to grab the bundle set of their full color-way x keeping the extras on display for last minute additions.

05 | Studs — $12+

You can never go wrong with gifting jewelry, which is why we’re putting forth our new favourites: Studs. Clothing doesn’t have to be the only thing you’re layering this winter — known for their repertoire of piercing collectables, you can easily pair up pieces to deck your lopes. When pulling together the last few names on your list, look no further than these gorgeous, simple accessories [which are sensitive skin proof, just FYI]. Bonus: for our non-pierced friends, check out their huggies which provide a hinge closure.

06 | Air Popcorn Maker — $25

The gift that keeps on giving for all your future movie nights. Make fresh popcorn within minutes as a healthier alternate to microwave bags — no oil required. A conveniently placed butter tray allows you to add as much or as little buttery flavor as you’d like [without the artificial flavoring x preservatives]. No kernel is left unpopped with this sleek, pretty popper.

07 | Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream — $19

One of our graphic designers recently picked this one up for herself + immediately fell in love. “The metal applicator is a wonderful detail x makes the cream apply so smoothly. Plus, I already see my under-eyes looking brighter + less puffy.” Consider this a major win for your back-to-office routine.

08 | Fable Falcon Dog Toy — $23

Last but not least, we can’t leave out the pups. For both interactive or independent playtime that doesn’t disrupt your home, we recommend stashing one of the Fable dog toys under the tree. It stows both dry food x spreadable treats with colors that don’t clash with your home decor. 


In honor of our biggest gift guide of the year, nothing would make us happier than to gift this full lineup of recos to one of our readers. Head over to our IG for the deets on how you can win our top gift guide selects.

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