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Fall Edit 2021

As we exit the interim of post-summer warmth x enter the early mornings with full breaths of crisp air, I’m finding a new beat [x repurposing some old ones]. In building this edit, I found myself looking inward at my routine x those who have shaped it. While continuing to strengthen what comes most naturally to me, I’ve always desired to challenge myself by reaching beyond what is often in my close regimen [however, I couldn’t help throwing some treasured staples into the mix]. 

The thrill of the find has yet to wear on me. With more days staying in than venturing out, I had my eye out for products that both simplify x make me smile. From metal clips for sorting to a glass candle taper for my outdoor space. As always, I’m here to share, and I hope you find some inspiration from these picks as well.

Anna’s Top 10 For Fall

01 | UASHMAMA Wine Bag

Gone are the days of having to carry a rugged wine tote or rush to the fridge at a dinner party to chill your bottle of white [or champagne, if we’re really cheers-ing]. I love everything about the brand — family owned, Italian, built to last, innovative, design forward, etc, but the duo of the bag x cooler insert really makes it top tier for me. Did I mention the bags are made of washable paper? 

02 | Jones Road Face Pencil

Bobbi Brown is a legend. After stepping away from her namesake beauty brand years ago, she recently re-emerged with a new line, Jones Road. The packaging is fantastic, her online tutorials will suck you in, and I like how inclusive her ad campaigns are. She’s always been a step ahead. The “face pencil” kind of makes me feel like a kid again — drawing where I need some coverage and skipping the rest. On a normal weekday, you can find me applying en route to the office. . .

03 | Cometeer Coffee

I can’t be the first person to fall victim to an Instagram ad. . . While I was skeptical at first of a capsule coffee, the creators at Cometeer may have just stumbled upon a genius idea, putting my local baristas to the test. They partner with some of the best roasters in the country + carefully brew at 10x the strength to then be extracted + frozen at its peak of flavor. So all you have to do is melt with hot water at home for brewing perfection. If you’re looking to trade up your cup of joe [x extend its shelf life], I can’t promise this won’t jump on your algorithm. 

04 | Dosist Calm CBD + Gummy

A masseuse friend of mine, who is very chic + ahead of the curve on these things, recently recommended I look into the brand Dosist. Delivered in sophisticated packaging, the products are being talked about by TIME, GQ, and Fast Company. I was torn between sharing the calm gummies or sleep drops because both are worthy of a mention. I will say, I started with the sleep gummies, but something felt odd to me like a . . . sugary dessert. . . right before bedtime. So if you’re in the market for some sleep assistance, go the route of the drops. THC free, vegan, help relax my mind and body, and ease tension.

05 | Pure Recycled Glass Hurricanes

After drooling over a friend of mine’s very polished outdoor dinner party, I was on a mission to hunt down these cool taper hurricane silos for myself. It’s an easy fix x genius idea for time spent al fresco, even when it’s windy. I found one for myself while thrifting this weekend, but hooked you up with a direct source so you can add to your next dinner party or tablescape.

06 | Harlow Tie Vest

This has been an exceptional addition to the wardrobe for my pre-fall fix. It rises to every occasion. Black pants, white oxford, Harlow tie vest = the uniform, but I’m also open to mixing x matching with this little black number.

07 | Wabi Stainless Steel Clips

These stainless steel clips are so versatile x sizable for all occasions. Ordered them from the company, Wabi Paris, which I’ve previously praised before for their posh dish covers. Trust me when I tell you: these clips provide. They’re great for gifts, for sorting mail, laundry, chip bag closures . . . the list is running.

08 | Viva Signature Cloth Paper Towels

There’s nothing sexy about this product, but I’m gonna put myself out there x swear they are worth mentioning. What are they? Fair question. Think: bouncy, soft, absorbent. What they’re not: decorated, flimsy. The best part is they stick to themselves when on the roll. . . unlike some that unravel. . . you feel me?

09 | Bare Hands Dry Gloss Manicure Kit

Did someone say manicure? Skip the nail salon… like seriously. This polish x cuticle oil pair is the real deal. Packed in a vegan leather case, this duo conditions cuticles x adds a natural shine—with only the purest of ingredients. You can nix dry time + bet on a clean paint sans chipping. If anything, this is worth it for the dreamy citrine cuticle oil x pristine packaging alone. 

10 | THATCH Amaya Heart Necklace

I’ll never get tired of bragging on this brand. The beauty, grit, and inspiration put into every one of their designs is something that never ceases to stun me. I picked up this heart necklace along with the triple bubble ring particularly caught my eye this season. As an avid collector x fan girl myself, this edit wouldn’t feel complete without a little shout out to the team at THATCH.

on my radar



Two Dawson Linen
Pretty sleep + lounge gear. . . extra cute paired with this little linen boxer.



Sakara Detox Water Drops
I’m leaning into my earthy side for this one. Not only are these chlorophyll drops utterly mesmerizing, they’re also an easy addition to your daily water intake for a boost in good health. Plus, all the kids are doing it.

Supergoop Glow Screen

When one of our contributors first brought this to the table, I took note, gave it some time, and then promptly entered a rabbit hole of the glow screen vs. unseen debate. It is a real battle out there, but I’m happy with the decision I made. If you’re wanting a little extra shine, I’d put my stake in the glow screen.

DND Nail Polish Gel & Matching Lacquer Set [637 – Lucky Red]


Spice Drawer Organizer
Tell me you’re in your 30’s without telling me you’re in your 30’s. If anyone can define that exact feeling of opening your drawer to neatly aligned spices sorted in their individual cubby spaces. . . I would much appreciate the vocabulary lesson.

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