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Our Fall Edit

Each month, our EIC steps in to share must-haves + favourites as of late, from sharing her tips for refreshing your space for the coming months to the undergarment she can’t stop telling friends about. This time around, we’re focusing on a special seasonal edit in honor of the first week of Fall. As Editor-In-Chief of Aisle 9, Anna’s vision + pulse on the latest trends is what keeps our digital platform creative, timely, and inspired. Today, she’s stepping in to do the same for you. Tune in below . . .

  1. Oatly Oat Milk | You guys already know. . . but the chocolate version? 
  2. OPI ‘Tiramisu for Two’ | My go-to nail shade these days– neutral and feminine, but not in an overly pink way. Craving more of a standout? Try ‘Check Out the Old Geysirs.’
  3. Cuup Balconette Bra | Honestly can’t stop telling girlfriends about this new find.
  4. Wool Dryer Balls | A sustainable swap from OG dryer sheets. Add a couple drops of essential oil for a fresh scent.
  5. Lilly BrushGotta take care of our goods, right? This one is a lifesaver for the pills that will undoubtedly appear on sweaters in high rotation. 
  6. Bamboo Toothbrushes | I’m stocking up on these for impromptu house guests this season; thoughtful + sustainable.
  7. Change Up the WallsOne of the easiest ways to refresh the casa is to swap out your art. Investing in artists you believe in is super easy + impactful. I recently scored a mini original from this local artist. 
  8. Chrome Dipped Lightbulbs | My current house hack. With daylight getting shorter, we’re even more reliant on artificial lighting. These bulbs cut overhead glare without sacrificing light quality.
  9. ‘Red For Me’ | Matte red lips, the epitome of nowness. Don’t be afraid to go bold.
  10. Big Buddah Slides | Excuse me, $6? Cheap thrills that look solid in person. 


Fall is the ideal time to turn a new page — shed what isn’t serving you, and inject more of what gives you life. Whether it is taking up a new hobby, refreshing the art filling your walls, something as little as replacing skinnies for relaxed straight leg pants [a trend on the rise]– your new season swaps can be easy while still being impactful.  Moving into autumn, the Aisle 9 team is continuing our dedication to finding products that will do just that. Think: attainable over aspirational.  We’re set on pushing out content that is more than just fluff — getting down to the good stuff. 

More than just sourcing products though, our team is focused on staying inspired. The reality is, as women we are typically short on one of three things at any given point; time, money, inspiration. Recently, we held what I hope will be a quarterly offsite for the Aisle 9 editorial team. It took place at Crystal Bridges Museum with a brimming itinerary full of moodboarding, writing and photography workshops, as well as some play over a shared lunch at Oven and Tap in downtown Bentonville. It was an inspiring day and a special time to connect with our team creatively + personally.



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