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9 Must-Haves Our Editors Are Adding To Cart This Spring

In case you haven’t had a moment to look up, here’s a little reminder that tulips are blooming again, our winter wools are being stowed away, and the sun finally waits for us before settling in for the night. This can only mean one thing: spring is upon us. From deep cleaning to transitioning our wardrobes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge just how quickly the months will come x go. Keeping slowing down in mind, our team paid special attention to sourcing staples x must-haves that will inspire balance + rest in the midst of spring cleaning x busy schedules. As we practice pacing things around here, we hope this list of product recommendations will help inspire you to do the same and take pleasure in the little things. . .

01 | The Sill Brass Mister

I just ordered this – I love the brand + have been wanting a plant mister for a minute now! I love that it can sit out in the open x still look cute.

Annie Lefforge, Graphic Designer

02 | Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips

The saying “beauty is pain” is simply not my game. These whitening strips have become a staple in my self care cabinet + for good reason: there is no toothache that lingers days after, like others I have tried. Made with natural coconut oil, these strips leave my teeth feeling brighter x whiter after each use. 

— Megan Breckenridge, Contributor

03 | HydroViv Water Filter

Ever since I upgraded my tap with this under silk filtering system, I’ve been sipping on straight quality x better-tasting water. Not only does it gain points for being the most sustainable option for my water breaks, but it also deserves praise for the self-install process, which saved me a pretty penny. Plus: it’s having a sale moment right now!

— Anna E. Cottrell, Editor-In-Chief

04 | Portable Lint Roller

For those with fellow furry friends, you know the drill. The endless evidence of shedding found around the house or between cushions is not to be trifled with. However, a friend turned me onto this nifty find + it has yet to leave my side. Made of durable material x natural wood, this eco-friendly lint roller works to remove that extra layer of pet hair + dust from both furniture x clothing. I’m all for a cleaning product that’s easy on the eyes. 

— Claire Ward, Assistant Editor

05 | Anastasia Brow Freeze

For the slicked-back brow look, Anastasia brow freeze is the answer. It comes with a double-sided applicator to brush back hairs with one end + smooth over with the other for sleek, feathered brows. I love the full x combed back look this creates x how it firmly holds my brows in place all day.

Evelyn Allen, Editorial Intern

06 | Butterfly Chair

Originally inspired by one of our EIC’s edits, these canvas butterfly chairs have been the best piece for lounging outdoors x enjoying breezy temps. Surprisingly comfortable, they’re an affordable option for outdoor furniture. While patiently awaiting a restock, we sourced an alternate upgrade here. Bonus: They’re light, washable, and compact, so it’s a fuss-free tagalong for your next camping trip or grill out.

Blake Chamberlain, Graphic Designer

07 | Reformation Daria Ecomove Active Dress

This under-$100 mini dress from Reformation gives me a spring in my step on + off the tennis court. With built-in shorts x a range of prints + colors to choose from, this little number is made for sport + pleasure. I’ll be showing her off all spring + summer.

— Nicole Boddington, Contributor

08 | Gen See Mighty Makeup Bag

I’ve been eyeing this punchy two-toned bag from newly launched DTC brand Gen See. Though it looks small, the Mighty Makeup Bag surprisingly fits more than you think [thanks to its internal pockets]. It’s fairtrade, sustainable, and can fit all your essentials [think: phone, keys, and makeup]. I plan to fill it with my morning maintenance tools.

— April Martin, Contributor

09 | Tiny Beautiful Things

This is a read that I continuously reach for on my bookshelf. Originally gifted to me in the summer, I finally got around to reading it a couple months ago. With each turn of a page, Cheryl Strayed’s words are like seeds. Not only have I gained so much from her advice x remarkable life stories, but I’ve also allowed myself the time + attention to learn how to better care for myself x the people in my corner. 

— Rachel Roberts, Contributor