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2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

How do we begin to shop for our mom, stepmom, grandmother, aunt, or sister? The women in our lives who say, “don’t get me anything”, but who have given us everything. The good news is that whatever we get for whomever we call,  “mom” is always enough because we are always enough. After all, they raised us that way. But if you need some inspiration for Mother’s Day [coming in hot May 8], we’ve compiled a list below of thoughtful finds we’re gifting the matriarchs in our life that we hope feel a little more outside the box. These items evoke beauty, style, grace, and love in honor of these women who embody all of these things x more. 

01 | Airship Coffee Canned Cold Brew

For the mom on-the-go, Airship Coffee took our favourite coffee + conveniently packaged an iconic trio for life on the road, river, or trail. The standouts? It’s clean caffeine x zero sugar, plus a new alternative milk option making it better for people x the planet. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to stock mom’s fridge with these for when we happen to visit. 

02 | Leather Vase Holder

Simple is always better x that’s what connected us to this leather vase holder, coming in an earthy terracotta color or sultry cognac. This hand-stitched beauty will complement any space for your ma, whether she’s a modern farmhouse or mid-century modern type of lady. 

03 | Kate McLeod Starter Kit

Making it’s way to the top of our own wishlist is this cocoa butter-based Body Stone. It glides onto the skin to provide warmth, moisture, and shine with notes of rose, frankincense, and neroli for a natural, cleansing scent. I’m gifting this to my beautiful mom this year + snagged one for myself as a trial run. It is honestly such a luxurious balm and the ritual feels lovely — just the thing my skin was craving after a warm soak.” – Anna E. Cottrell

04 | Majestic Pet Striped Dog Bed

If it’s good enough for Diane Keaton’s dog Reggie, it works for us; Hailing from its flagship in California, our EIC secured this cushion for her own furry son as well, so you know it’s a tasteful find.

05 | The Everlasting Candle

A gift for the woman who has everything, the Everlasting Candle is a light that never goes out. It burns brightly from a clean, scent-free flame using special mineral oil. Instant ambiance. 

06 | Brightland Oil Mini Essentials

We are starting to see Brightland everywhere, and what better way to introduce mom to this gold standard of olive oil than a mini essentials kit – from roasting veggies to salad dressing + dipping bread – it’s the full spread. 

07 | UASHMAMA Wine Bag

We’ve had this on heavy rotation since the holidays as the best way to tote your wine. “I highly recommend adding the wine cooler to your tab to keep your champagne or white wine nice x chilled. Mom will approve.” — Anna E. Cottrell

08 | Fresh Sends

Click it, send it. It’s that easy. The Fresh Sends flower people to deliver. Founded by two women, the mission behind this brand is to use flowers as a vehicle to help people feel seen, known, and loved – aligning perfectly with the message we want our mothers to receive.

09 | Shearling Lined Birkenstock

Comfort is key for mom x these shearling Birks are a winner in our book. “Mom wears these all the time + looks adorable – great for around the house, to get the mail, or with a little linen number out x about.” — Anna E. Cottrell

10 | Sand Tea Timer

For that jammy seven-minute egg or a perfectly steeped cup of tea, these sand timers [set of 3 for under $10] are a kitchen essential x an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift idea. 

11 | Onyx Rose Tea

Speaking of tea, this rose tea will provide a much-deserved moment of stillness in mom’s day. Everything Onyx does is of the highest quality – even their packaging is *chef’s kiss* – so we feel confident about this one; it doesn’t even need to be wrapped.

More For Your Ma:

Yard Dominos

Nothing brings the family together more than a little healthy competition, and these yard dominoes [made from pine] would be a beautiful addition to the next cookout. Play nice!

KINTO Tea Pot 

There is a simple + quiet beauty to this teapot x mug that makes us want to stop everything for tea time. So why not add it to ma’s collection + use it when you’re over too. 

Une Femme The Juliette 2018

This is the good stuff, but it’s not meant to be treated so preciously; don’t wait for a special occasion. . . have it with family dinner or anytime when being together is worth celebrating. 

Scoop’s Women’s Crescent Crossbody Bag

A bright pop of color goes a long way; and an idea: instead of a glass vase, pick up a bouquet of flowers + give it to mom in this cute [very affordable] bag. 

50 States 50 Books

For the massive bookworms in your family, see if there are any of your favourite children’s books that could be passed on; donate a book to this project, or make a donation in their honor. 

Birth Month Flower Kit

Instead of a bouquet of flowers [with a limited shelf life], give the gift that keeps on growing — a flower kit personalized to mom’s birth month.