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Say Hello to a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’ve ever suffered from clenching or grinding your teeth at night, you know how hard it is to find a dental guard that’s comfortable, effective + affordable. The SmartGuard Dental Guard is all three… and it’s as high quality as what you’d receive at the dentist. Instructions are easy-to-follow for a personal fit x overnight comfort set this guard apart from the rest. Simply add it to your nighttime regimen + experience the relief.


We talked to Mary W. from KS about SmartGuard, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Describe how you followed the molding instructions and how easy it was to get a great fit with this dental guard.
Mary W.:  I first watched the video on the smart guard /night guard website. It was very easy to mold the guard once I saw the video. I highly recommend watching the video before you go ahead and mold the guard.
Q: Explain any teeth clenching or grinding issues you have had. How did the SmartGuard Dental Guard provide relief for you?
Mary W.:  I grind my teeth when I am sleeping and many mornings I wake up with a sore jaw and sometimes a headache. SmartGuard has given me some relief in my jaw bone. It is important for me to use SmartGuard to prevent constant grinding of my teeth.
“SmartGuard will help reduce further damage to my teeth, and decrease the number of headaches I wake up with.”
— Mary W.,  KS
Q: Describe how comfortable it is to wear this dental guard overnight.
Mary W.:  I was surprised at how comfortable SmartGuard was the first night I used it. I immediately noticed the next morning my jaw was not as sore as they had been before I used SmartGuard.
Q: How would you compare the design and effectiveness of the SmartGuard Dental Guard to other dental guards you’ve worn?
Mary W.:  SmartGuard was definitely a quality product for my teeth. I have used other brands and they did not fit as well or where as comfortable.
Q: What are your favorite benefits of the SmartGuard Dental Guard?
Mary W.:  The benefit of the product really was the comfort level. SmartGuard will help reduce further damage to my teeth, and decrease the number of headaches I wake up with.
Q: How do you feel about the quality of this product for the pricing?
Mary W.:  The dollar value for SmartGuard was very reasonable. Including two guards was a bonus, and also the product was of a much higher quality.

Thank you for your time, Mary W.! We love your feedback.

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