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Say Hello to a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’ve ever suffered from clenching or grinding your teeth at night, you know how hard it is to find a dental guard that’s comfortable, effective + affordable. The SmartGuard Dental Guard is all three… and it’s as high quality as what you’d receive at the dentist. Instructions are easy-to-follow for a personal fit x overnight comfort set this guard apart from the rest. Simply add it to your nighttime regimen + experience the relief.


We talked to Angie P. from VA about SmartGuard, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Describe how you followed the molding instructions and how easy it was to get a great fit with this dental guard.
Angie P.:  I read the list of necessary items and the directions several times; the down to the second timings make the directions seem a little overwhelming, so I really wanted to have a good grasp on what I needed to do before completing the steps. I gathered everything I needed into the bathroom so I would have a good mirror for the fitting and the guard went onto my teeth easily and with minimal effort; I followed all the tips on how to get a good mold and it really does fit well! There are a few sharp spots, one in the very front and one directly on the other side. I'm not sure where they came from or why they formed, but I'm just going to trim them off and hopefully it will be perfect.
Q: Explain any teeth clenching or grinding issues you have had. How did the SmartGuard Dental Guard provide relief for you?
Angie P.:  In the past, my clenching and grinding caused headaches, jaw pain, and I've actually had a tooth break from the wear I put on it at night! After wearing the SmartGuard dental guard, I can honestly say I have not had these issues any more; it's great to not put so much strain on my teeth or jaw muscles!
Q: Describe how comfortable it is to wear this dental guard overnight.
Angie P.:  I believe it takes some time to get comfortable with wearing a dental guard overnight; it's not something that you immediately get used to. Since the SmartGuard Elite has a front tooth only design, it is smaller than a lot of other dental guards on the market and that makes it less cumbersome and more comfortable.
“I followed all the tips on how to get a good mold and it really does fit well!”
— Angie P.,  VA
Q: How would you compare the design and effectiveness of the SmartGuard Dental Guard to other dental guards you’ve worn?
Angie P.:  I've had full mouth guards and guards that fit only on your top teeth; both were somewhat effective, but they were so large that I would take them out during the night without realizing it. I was excited to see a new design that puts less bulk in your mouth and still relieves the stress from clenching and grinding your teeth. I actually leave it in all night so it's probably more effective than the larger ones!
Q: What are your favorite benefits of the SmartGuard Dental Guard?
Angie P.:  I like that this guard is small, effective and relatively inexpensive. The dentist wanted to fit my for a mouth guard and it was going to cost almost $200! If I can get relief for less, that is a win in my book.
Q: How do you feel about the quality of this product for the pricing?
Angie P.:  I think this product is good quality; it molds well and fits snugly for doing it at home myself. I like that it didn't cost as much as the one the dentist wanted to fit me for.

Thank you for your time, Angie P.! We love your feedback.

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