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How to be “Hygge”

Not sure if everyone is hearing this word around town, but “Hygge” is here (pronouced Hoo-ga). The Danish have mastered the art of staying warm for the winter, and now it’s my turn.

So, what is Hygge? The closest translation is “coziness”, but this is bigger than a comfy blanket. A lot of people say hygge is why the Danish are so happy. VisitDenmark calls out that is was even shortlisted for Oxford Dictionaries Words of the Year 2016!

Culture Trip put together an awesome list of ways to make your home more hygge (make sure you go read it), but I’m adding in some products to help get you to the finish line.

Keep it pure and simple. 

Basically, the Danes like warm colors and tend to be a bit minimalistic.

Light more candles.

This is where things can add up, but if you grab some tea candles or simple candles from Walmart, you can light them up all the time without thinking of how much you spent. Hygge is all about enjoying life, less worry, and comfort. Help yourself out by grabbing something that will create a soft glow .

Pick up these cheap and simple tea candles to warm up your room

 Unscented Candle 3 pack – $7.97

Stay in bed. 

I don’t need much convincing on this one, but I do need a few upgrades before I settle down. I found this incredible comforter to add on my bed, and since I’m partial to all-white beds, I don’t even need to add a duvet cover.

Make a cozy corner, read a book, have a heart to heart, take a nap. Honestly, the Danes really know how to make the most out of cold weather. I adore these throws that you can add to a chair to make it extra comfortable.

Get a fire going. 

You probably don’t need much help on this one, but if you don’t have a  fireplace, just grab a few extra candles to bring a warm glow.

Introduce texture. 

Adding a tapestry is such an easy way to bring texture into a room. I love this grey and white marble one, but if you want to save some money, you could make your own (like our friends did).

Get hygge with friends and family. 

Make a meal, enjoy some coffee or cocoa, and warm up. These are some great dishes at Walmart that you can test out your danish look with!

Take it outside. 

This one requires just good ole’ Mother Nature and a bit of strolling.

Banish clutter. 

Like I said, it’s a more minimalistic approach than many of us are used to, but it’s worth it people!! The Danes are so dang happy!!

Display treasured memories.

Grab some frames and put up some sweet old memories. Simple frames do the trick when subtly complimenting an old photograph.

Create a spa-style sanctuary. 

I don’t know if the Danes had these, but a bath bomb with essential oils is an at-home spa must! ArtNaturals has some that bring out your zen, energy, and more. (They even have one in this gift pack that is labeled ‘Cozy Night’).

Embrace the old and imperfect. 

It’s as simple as it sounds, sit back, get cozy, and enjoy life.