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For the Top Drawer

“If you’ve noticed your top drawer becoming more of a space of misfit, overworn, or simply uncomfortable undies, you’re in good company. There’s an unseen challenge for scoping out a decent pair of underwear, and while we’ve been hearing buzz about the brand Parade for a while now, we had to try it ourselves. After sourcing x stretching, pulling wedgies + everything in between, we’re here to give big ups to this line — one of the only brands in its market whose value in sustainability, comfort, and body inclusivity is proven in the panties. We recommend browsing their bestsellers + starting out with a classic high rise brief. Not to mention, while you’re cleaning out that top drawer, you can actually recycle your oldies [for free] + receive a little kickback toward your next order. That’s a win-win in our book.   ”

High Rise Brief