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The Best Undies From Walmart & Target

In case you missed the memo, August 5th is National Underwear Day. So in honor of this celebration-worthy day, I rounded up the best undies from Walmart and Target in award form, because why not? From women’s to men’s all the way to kid’s, these brands are changing the undie game as we know it. 

I’ll try to keep this brief, so without further adieu, I present: The Undie Awards 

The Get the Most for Your Money Award

Let’s start with the fellas. Whether you wear boxers or briefs, Hanes takes the award for the best value pack of undies! It’s no surprise that undies have to be replaced every few years, so if you’re in need of a total overhaul, this just might be the value you’re looking for. And ladies, I think you know who wins this award! They’re cute, comfy, and 100% cotton. It’s the Hanes® Cotton Bikini 8-pack! You get the biggest bang for your buck with this lovely multi-pack compared to others.

The Whitest Tighty Whities Award

I think this award can safely go to any pack of brand new tighty whities, but let’s hear it for Fruit of the Loom’s classic white undies! They’re basic. They’re white. And yes, they’re tight.

The Low Key Lacy Award

Us ladies know that lace panties can be, well, fragile. Have no fear – these lacy undies are cute, colorful, and cheeky, and they won’t be falling apart after one wash. Shout out to Xhilaration for incorporating beautiful lace into comfy undies!

The Sporty Spice Award

How about a round of applause for C9 Champion® and Target as they snag the award for sportiest undies for women! *Cheers* These moisture wicking undies will sure come in handy for yoga, spin class, rock climbing — or for chasing toddlers around the house all day.

The Hippiest Hipster Award

Xhilaration™ takes yet another award, this time for the best hipster undies!  With 16 colors and patterns available, ladies who like hipster style panties will find puh-lenty of options here. Floral print? Check. Geometric? Check. Nudes? Check. Solid colors? Check, check, check.

The Seamless Savvy Award

You may want to buy every color and style of these seamless panties from Target! Gilligan & O’Malley™ is one of my favorite brands, and they have three nude shades so you can pick the one that best matches your skin color for when you’re wanting to wear those white jeans. 

The “I Stole My Husband’s Undies to Wear as PJs” Award

It’s no surprise that this award goes to Pair of Thieves, a new(ish) brand of undies at Target. Not only are they comfy, functional, and relaxing, they have the best fabric patterns!

The Dazzling Dozen Award

As a mother, I couldn’t leave kids undies out of the mix! The variety of options in this 12-pack are appealing to any girl’s style, and you can’t beat this price! The Dazzling Dozen Award goes to the Fruit of the Loom multi-pack!

The “My Favorite Color is ALL the Colors” Award

They’re bright. They’re colorful. And they boast every color of the rainbow! This girls’ Fruit of the Loom® 9-pack will have parents everywhere celebrating a good deal, and girls celebrating that their undies have #allthecolors.

The Fit-For-A-Superhero Award

This pack of superhero undies from Walmart will make your little guy feel faster than the speed of light—hopefully on his way to the bathroom. From this Spiderman 5-pack to Power Rangers, Walmart has a huge selection just in time for back to school.

The “Time to Wear Boxer Briefs” Award

Your son has decided that boxer briefs are cool, so it’s time to try something new! Go for this Fruit of the Loom 8-pack from WalmartCan you believe your little boy is growing up?? Sniff, sniff. (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

Well, that’s a wrap for the 2017 Undies Awards! Celebrate your favorite Undie Award by picking up a pair (or pack!) of your favorite undies next time you’re at Walmart or Target.