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32 Ways to Use Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

In case you missed it, the 2017 Pantone color of the year is the lovely shade of Greenery—more specifically, Pantone 15-0343. Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman stated the following regarding the zesty shade:

Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.

Basically, it’s the fix we’ve all been searching for. Here are 32 ways you can incorporate Greenery into your life:

In Your Home

What better way to bring some life into your space than incorporating some Greenery? From fun area rugs to actual greenery, you’ll love the breath of fresh air it’ll bring to your home decor.

A Cheerful Planter
This greenery-hued decorative planter from Better Homes & Gardens is perfect for succulents or your favorite spring buds—and it comes in 16″, 20″ and 24″ sizes, and it can be used on indoor or outdoor plants.

Touchably Soft Towels
What’s better than a soft, fluffy towel? When that towel comes in the shade of Greenery, of course! This Kassadesign Brights Towel Set from Target will make your bathroom pop—and will make the necessary task of drying off just a little more enjoyable.

Desert-Inspired Decor
This cactus lamp from Target is everything you didn’t know you needed. It’ll bring the perfect playful touch to your space—throw it on your dresser or side table for a splash of vibrant color.

Velvet & Tassels
This Better Homes & Gardens palm fronds throw pillow is just what your living room couch needs—especially for spring! The tassels on each corner of the pillow are just icing on the cake.

Plants For Days
Indoor plants not only add color and life to your space, but they can also improve your overall air quality. This article lines out 15 plants you should buy to improve the air quality in your home—like Aloe, Azaleas, and Bamboo Palm.

Succulent Love
While we’re on the subject of plants, succulents are arguably the easiest to take care of—and they’re the perfect shade of green! Walmart’s garden section has a huge variety to choose from at about $2 a pop—just grab a planter and make your own mini succulent garden!

For The Floor
If your decor is made up of lots of neutral tones, this green and white mosaic area rug by Mainstays will complement your space so well. If you can’t find it in-store, you can get free shipping within 3-5 days when you order online!

Outdoor Decor
These outdoor accent pillows will help make your patio space feel so cozy—and the perfect Pantone-inspired shade will just make you feel happier, too.

For More Inspiration…
Check out this blog for more tips on how to incorporate Greenery into your home decor—and this Architectural Digest article with 15 more pretty-in-green home decor items.

Eat It

You’ve heard that eating your greens is good for you—but these recipes are about to make it a whole lot more fun.

Mean Green Pesto Pasta
Whether you’re a veggie lover at heart or you struggle to get your daily intake, this pesto pasta adds some veggies to your standard dish and covers it all in delicious pesto. Mmmm. 

Parm-Roasted Green Beans
This recipe for parmesan roasted green beans will make your mouth water! These make for a perfect healthy snack or side dish.

Salads, Obvi
Salads are kind of a no-duh when it comes to eating greens—but these 10 quick and easy salad recipes will take it to the next level! Tomato, pepper, and feta? Yes, please!

Green Goddess Hummus
Just the title of this recipe makes you feel empowered, doesn’t it? This hummus recipe is packed with edamame and avocado, giving it its pretty shade of Pantone green!

DIY Pesto
If you’ve never tried your hand at making your own pesto sauce, you’re seriously missing out! This DIY Pesto recipe is easy and will change your pesto game—especially if you get creative and add is some additional spices!

Green Apple Walnut Quinoa Salad
The title of this one is a mouthful—and you’ll have a mouthful when you’re eating it! (Okay, too far?) Make your own fresh green apple quinoa salad here!

Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Avocado Pesto
I think this recipe includes some of the best green foods out there – zucchini, avocado, and pesto. If you haven’t used a spiralizer yet, this is a great dish to try it out on! 

The Perfect Summer Sangria
Limes, Kiwis, and Mint Leaves? Not only yum, but you’ll impress all your friends serving this delicious delicacy at your next summer cookout!

Green Ombre Cake
This cake will make you look like The Next Great Baker—just don’t be surprised when all of your friends are taking pictures for their Insta! Learn how to make your own green ombre cake here.

Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake
Doesn’t this sound heavenly? You’ll love the fresh taste of the green tea in this delicious matcha cheesecake recipe. 

Green Mac n’ Cheese
Don’t let the name of this one scare you away! Your kids will love the way this tastes—and you’ll love that it’s giving them a bit of their veggie intake! Check out the recipe for green mac n’ cheese here!

More Deliciousness
This article from Real Simple outlines 7 green superfoods that, simply enough, you can incorporate into your diet however you’d like. And be sure to try out some of these green smoothie recipes—they are packed with lots of healthy ingredients and they look really pretty, too. Drink them before you head out the door or in lieu of your late-night sweets craving!

To Wear

From face masks to actual clothing, putting the shade of Greenery on your body is a must this year!

Swimwear for Kids
How ca-utttteeee are these lizard swim trunks for boys? Or this cactus swimsuit for girls? I don’t have kids yet, but these might just be giving me baby fever!

Daring Eyeshadow
Try your hand at a green smoky eye with this Loreal Green Eyeshadow! Perfect for a girls night out or for date night!

Avocado Face Mask
This one screams girls night! Whip up your own DIY avocado face masks—and throw some cucumbers on your eyes to reduce puffiness!

Bandeau Bikini
Leave it to Target to have the cutest swimsuits! This green bandeau bikini will help you make a splash this summer!

Stud Muffin
These emerald stud earrings make for the perfect subtle pop of Greenery! Okay, so emerald isn’t Greenery. But these studs are so light, they look like our Pantone color of the year, and have just the right hint of gold on the edges! 

Men’s Swim Trunks
We didn’t forget about you, guys! These cactus swim trunks are oh so trendy and will allow you to ditch those nasty shorts you’ve had since college.

But Wait…

There’s more! Be sure to download these free Pantone Greenery inspired desktop backgrounds for your computer—and this blog lines out the essentials for how to mix greenery in with your designs.

So what are you waiting for? Get to greening, people!