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15 Alternate Uses for KIWI® Protect-All

Meet your new BFF.

Who else is a fan of discovering alternate uses for products you thought served a single purpose? Our friends at KIWI® gave us some KIWI® Protect-All, a product that’s made for protecting your shoes and accessories against water, stains, snow and salt. Out of curiosity, we went around my house and garage to look for other things we could use it on–and we found a lot of stuff.

Leather Purses

Ladies: We all have that one bag. You know, the one that you saw in the store and just had to have. You justified the purchase by commenting on how it could easily transition from casual to dressy, depending on your outfit. Whether you saved up every pretty penny for it yourself or waited patiently to receive it as a gift, you want to make sure that investment is protected.

Use KIWI® Protect-All on your new bag right when you purchase it. Think about all of the places you might set your purse throughout the week. KIWI® Protect-All is suitable for all materials and color and provides protection against moisture and stains. Just allow 24-48 hours of drying time before use!

SMACK Hack: If your leather bag is floppy or doesn’t stand up on it’s own, stuff it with newspaper prior to spraying. This will help keep it sturdy and will allow you to spray evenly.


If you’re going for the true young professional look, you want to make sure you look buttoned up, and this includes your briefcase. If you’re headed to a job interview, spray down your briefcase with KIWI® Protect-All. This will ensure that your briefcase (which should be packed with plenty of copies of your résumé and some samples of your work, btw) is protected from moisture and stains.


You didn’t spend 3 hours making a Pinterest-perfect wreath for it to get destroyed by the weather, did you? Spray your wreath down with KIWI® Protect-All before hanging it on your door.

Outdoor Seat Cushions

Growing up in the south, there are few things I love more than a backyard barbecue with friends, which means I like to keep my patio furniture looking Better-Homes-And-Gardens ready. If you have outdoor furniture with cushions and pillows, spray them down with KIWI® Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent, because if you’re anything like me, you’ll never, ever remember to cover your cushions from the rain.


Whether you’re hiking in the rain or just getting rained on on your way to class, KIWI® Protect-All will help protect your backpack from it all. Just stuff it with newspaper and spray it evenly, then let it air dry!


This is one of my favorites. Call me gross, but I rarely (read: never) wash my jackets, especially my soft fleece ones. (I don’t want them to lose their coziness, sue me.) Spraying down your jackets with KIWI® Protect-All will help them repel water, stains, snow and salt.

SMACK Hack: Hang your jacket up on a hanger to spray it evenly and let it air dry for 24-48 hours.

Fabric Storage Bins

Am I the only one who always has “organize ______” on my house to-do list? Seriously, it feels like every time I turn around I find another closet or cabinet that needs to be de-cluttered. Fabric storage bins have been one of my favorite things since college– they are cheap but sturdy and come in any color or pattern you could want.

Spraying these bad boys down with KIWI® Protect-All will provide the bins with a protective silicon layer, which means they’ll be protected from moisture and stains. This tip is especially great for the storage bins you keep shoes or outdoor equipment in–that silicon coat will help keep dirt from becoming embedded into the fibers of the bin.


Have you ever sat in a window seat on an airplane and seen them loading or unloading suitcases on the plane? Let’s just say, they aren’t usually super gentle with your stuff. Spray down your suitcase with KIWI® Protect-All to provide it with a protective, repellant layer, especially as it’s being thrown around and transferred.

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are an essential part of having children–they carry all of the necessities and emergency equipment, like backup diapers and snacks. But think about all of the places you might set your diaper bag down in a single day–parks, daycares, playplaces, shopping carts, restaurants, gyms…you get the idea.

Spray down your diaper bag with KIWI® Protect-All to keep it protected from…well, all of this. Plus, it will keep it in great condition in case you decide to have more kids, or if you want to pass it down to a friend. Just allow it to dry thoroughly for 24-48 hours before use!

Baby Carrier

Few things are cuter than seeing a baby hanging out on his or her parent’s chest, checking out the world. What’s less cute? Thinking about the things that might get on a baby carrier. Yeah, no thanks. Spraying down your baby carrier with KIWI® Protect-All will help keep it looking clean despite the spills, spit-ups…and everything else that kids bring. Allow it to dry thoroughly for 24-48 hours before use.

SMACK Hack: Undo all of the straps on your baby carrier and lay it completely flat before spraying.


KIWI® Protect-All is perfect for protecting all types of belts – leather, suede, nubuck, textile, and material mix alike. And, even better, you can spray down all of your belts in two minutes. Seriously. Just lay them all out on a cloth and give them an even spray. Then, flip them over, and spray the other side!

If you have old belts that need a pick-me-up, use KIWI® Suede & Nubuck Cleaner.

Baseball Gloves

Sports equipment can be expensive, so you want to make sure you protect and take care of your investment. Spray down your baseball gloves with KIWI® Protect-All to help protect the leather. I can’t promise that it will make you a better baseball player, but I can tell you it will keep your glove looking better longer.


Your wallet goes with you almost everywhere. Anytime you leave the house, there it is with you. So why wouldn’t you want to protect it? Spray down your wallets and clutches with KIWI® Protect-All to keep them protected from moisture and stains.

Pro Tip: Cover your ID slot on your wallet with tape prior to spraying.

High Chair Fabric

How is it that after kids eat, it always looks like they had a miniature food fight in their high chair? Spray down the fabric of your high chair with KIWI® Protect-All to help protect it from the terror of green bean mush, milk spills, and everything in between. Don’t forget to allow the fabric to dry thoroughly for 24-48 hours before use!


Don’t be so selfishly focused on the fact that your umbrella is supposed to protect you that you don’t take the time to protect it. Seriously though, giving your umbrella a spray of KIWI® Protect-All will help keep it lasting longer and will only help it protect you further.

SMACK HACK: Open up your umbrella (on a non-windy day) and spray it evenly. Leave it to air dry before storing!

Basically, this stuff is magic…

While allowing your shoes (or any of the items listed above…and then some) to breathe, it provides them with an invisible shield for protection–at least from water, stains, snow and salt. The other stuff? Well, good luck with that.