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13 Things That Are Always Better When Mom Does Them

Try as hard as I may, my skills are still nothing compared to my mom’s. She can transform my messy closet into an organizational art piece, nurse me back to health like no other and make a mean sandwich.

Friends, spouse, colleagues – don’t even attempt to compete with the woman who birthed me. She is the master of all the things, bar none. Somehow moms are just better at most things. Like what? Glad you asked! Here are a few examples of the way moms have that magic touch.

1: Nursing you back to health

I recently came down with the stomach bug. Ugh. When I was a kid my mom would set me all up with my favorite TV shows, a large bowl for those emergency moments I couldn’t make it to the bathroom, and all the ginger ale, saltines and ice chips my body would need to recover. All of her love and attention would almost make me GLAD I was sick. I mean, who doesn’t want a day at home watching shows and having someone take care of you hand and foot?!

Now as an adult, I either go without all of the above, or I have to try and manage it all together on my own. Even on the days when my spouse is home too, I’m sorry, but it’s just not. the. same.

2: Cleaning the house

I can clean my house. I promise I can. I don’t mean to brag, but when you text me to say you’re headed to my place, I am a pro at stuffing clutter into closets and wiping down countertops in five minutes or less. Yep, I slay.  

I’m not gonna lie, though, when my mom cleans the house, the counters are actually streak-free, the stuff that was strewn across the living room is now where it truly belongs and even the stove top is shiny. The whole place literally sparkles. How does she do that?! Sometimes I wonder if she’s truly human, or actually my fairy godmother in disguise.

3: Making a sandwich

Mmm. There is nothing more satisfying than a sandwich made by mom. She knows just how to pair the honey ham and oven roasted turkey with the right proportions of bread to mayo to mustard to cheese to onion to tomato. Yum. Mom, I’m coming over for lunch!

4: Finding things

I still have yet to master the art of finding things. If my keys are missing, you’ll get calls from me to get a ride for days. If I can’t find my favorite pair of stilettos, you’ll probably see me in my running shoes for a week (which may beg the question, why don’t I just run to work instead of pestering you to give me a lift, but never mind that). Moms, though, it’s like they have x-ray vision that can go through walls and couch cushions. You name the missing object, and I guarantee a mom can find it.

5: Helping with projects

If you’re a master of procrastination as I am, you’re probably pretty good at the last minute scramble. When mom helps out, though, she’s so good at giving a timeline and offering reminders and rides to the store to buy supplies. There are apps for some of that now, but nothing beats mom’s help with completing projects on time.

6: Organizing the closet

If the clothes are in the closet, they’re put away, in my opinion. Mom, on the other hand? She can take a messy pile of random items and turn them into an organizational masterpiece. Same with the food pantry. Honestly, I love staring at her works of art. It’s moving, really.

7: Encouraging you

Moms are the original cheerleaders. Friends, spouses, colleagues – all of them pale in comparison to mom’s pep talk game. My mom can take my worst day and turn it into a memorable bonding moment, and suddenly I find myself surrounded with hot tea, chocolate and chick flicks. Even the Spartan cheerleaders got nothing on moms.

8: Hosting the holidays

I have attempted to host everyone in my family for Christmas dinner. When they all arrived, my hair and makeup were done, but I was still wearing sweats. The dinner was only half finished, and a few ingredients were notably missing. I was also shy two presents for my guests. When my mom hosts, dinner is ready and on the table when we show up, the house is decorated and cleaned immaculately, and we all receive beautifully wrapped presents. I concede. Next year, it’s back to your place, Mom!

9: Folding fitted sheets

Why were fitted sheets invented? I mean, I like linens that tuck under my mattress as much as the next gal, but why (oh why?!) are we expected to fold said sheets and put them away in our linen closets? Only moms know how to manage this elusive art. Only. moms. #awaywiththefittedsheetsalready #Godblessourmom

10: Maintaining balance

Somehow this woman can get up early (that alone is a feat), get dressed, meditate, prepare breakfast and lunch, go to work, come home and cook dinner and solve all of life’s problems in her spare time.


Broken earring? Mom will break out the wire cutters and needle nose pliers and get that thing back in shape. A torn cushion? Nothing her needle and thread can’t fix. A problem with a friend? Mom has just the right words to bring perspective and healing. Moms know how to solve all of life’s problems, physical and emotional. I don’t even own needle nose pliers.

12: Loading the dishwasher

I personally didn’t realize it was possible to fit more than 20 items (silverware excluded) in a dishwasher. Just to show off her mad prowess, my mom counted the number of dishes she can fit in there. 84! What?! And somehow they all came out clean. Not surprisingly, I’m not so great at puzzles either.

13: Calming you down

Nobody can calm me down like my momma. Life can get more than a little cray cray at times, and I have a tendency to go into panic mode. It doesn’t matter what the crisis, I can call my mom to vent, and she has just the right words to soothe my soul and mind back to sanity.