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Things Amazon’s Prime Day Can’t Get Me Fast Enough

Amazon’s Prime Day is here, which means there’s sure to be lots of great sales and discounts for anyone that holds an Amazon Prime account—and those items will arrive at your doorstep in just two days. But, there are some items that, as a mom (and human being), I just can’t wait two whole days for, whether it’s Prime Day or just an average day of the week. If you’re willing to wait an entire 48 hours for a restock on your baby’s teething cream so they’ll stop squealing, more power to you. I, however, make a trip to the real life store for these items instead of buying them online: 

Last-minute Party Supplies

When we’re planning a get-together, it’s pretty much inevitable that I need something at the last minute. Whether it’s paper plates or another box of La Croix, Target has my back.

Dish Soap

I love Seventh Generation products, so it’s no surprise that I’ll make a trip to the store just to buy more dish soap. I’ve been striving to go to bed with a clean kitchen every night (it makes mornings SO much more enjoyable) so if we run out midday, off to the store we go.

Milk storage bags

My girls go to the babysitter’s house two days a week while I work, and I’m still nursing my infant, so I pump while we’re apart so she has bottles for the next work day. AKA: Milk storage bags are a MUST in our house. Somehow I tend to miss the memo that we’re low on storage bags until I’m standing in the kitchen looking at an empty box and, well, there’s not much else you can do at that point. If I go to Target, I get the Up & Up brand. At Walmart, I purchase the Lansinoh bags. Both are reasonably priced and get the job done!

Toilet Paper

If you’re awesome at planning ahead, this can easily be ordered on Amazon. But if you’re like our family and find yourself using the last roll with no new rolls in sight, it’s probably best to run to Walmart. (Unless you like living on the edge and seeing if you can make it until more TP comes by mail)


We primarily cloth diaper around here, but we always keep Honest disposables on hand for the babysitter and for when we need a little break. I love Honest diapers and you can’t find them just anywhere. Thankfully, Target carries them so I know I can always find them locally when I need them! (Why Honest? 1. They’re SO CUTE. 2. Good quality materials. 3. Did I mention how cute they are?)


Travel snacks

The girls and I are flying to Michigan to visit family soon, and you can bet I’ll be running to the store the night before our trip to pick up more travel snacks for the toddler. (Even though I’m writing this weeks before the trip… I just know what #momlife looks like in reality, no matter how much I plan ahead.) For airplane travel, I will pick up our favorite Annie’s granola bars and fruit snacks. While organic veggie pouches are a good, healthy snack, they may cause delays going through the security checkpoint, and I want to avoid that altogether this time. (Airlines allow it, but sometimes you can get held up waiting, waiting, waiting at the security checkpoint while they triple check the contents.)

Teething Medicine

My 7-month-old is in the throes of teething and when we run out of Camilia teething relief, the LAST thing I want to do is wait for it to arrive. It’s best for baby, and mama, when teething relief comes quickly! Thankfully there is a Walmart less than a mile away, so when we run out unexpectedly we can stock up without a wait.

Vanilla Coconut Milk Latte from Starbucks

Well, this can’t even be ordered on Amazon (yet…) so I’m not sure if it’s fair game… but I’m including it anyways. I know that some Targets aren’t blessed with a Starbucks, but let’s just focus on the ones that are. While you’re out picking up dish soap and paper plates, go ahead and grab your favorite caffeinated beverage. Treat yo’self!