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How To Turn Your Porch Into a Summer Oasis

There’s nothing quite like hanging out on a patio with a cold drink (or two) in hand on those warm summer nights. You have visions of sitting on one of those porches with the cute string lights and adorable throw pillows—but decorating a patio or porch can be very intimidating, and in some cases, expensive. Luckily, I have found the perfect, budget-friendly pieces to create my own oasis this summer. Whether you have a large covered deck or small side patio, these items and tips can help make your space Insta-worthy.

Pick Your Color Scheme

First things first, decide on a color scheme for your patio, thinking through what items you already have and what would go best with your existing ambiance. This is a good rule of thumb for any home decorating project—from sprucing up your home office to your hallway. I went with blues & greens because I already decorate with those colors (and because they’re perfect for summer!)

Have Plenty of Seating

This can be tricky depending on how big or small your space is, but you want to find a way to fit multiple seating options. For my porch, I used two chairs and a bench I already owned—I just didn’t have them all placed together, until now! Also, make sure to choose weather-friendly furniture—I picked up my metal bench at Target for $79.00.

Pillows & Rugs Galore

Here is where your color scheme comes into play. Get a variety of sizes and colors to make your furniture feel a little comfier. Again, make sure to get pillows meant for the outdoors so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined! I picked up all my pillows at Target for $14.99 a piece (and they have so many options!)

Crazy Plant Lady

No shame in the game—go crazy with this one! Get as many outdoor plants as you can for your porch. Doing this brings so much life and color to your space. I love to get a mixture of small and large plants to add lots of visual interest—I should note, my patio is not covered, so I opted for plants that need lots of direct sunlight. Keep this in mind when picking out your perfect greenery! Walmart has great prices and a large selection in their outdoor section.

Pro-Tip: Find the “Clearance” section in the outdoor area at Walmart! You can find all kinds of flowers and plants that are marked down.

Drink Station

A drink station, if you have room for one, is a super fun addition to any outdoor patio. I used a table I already had at home and placed it in a corner of my porch that was too small for seating. Use a bucket with ice to keep drinks cold or place a pitcher filled with your fave summer cocktail to use for drink refills!

Lighting On Point

A great patio always has string lights, right? It’s pretty much a must! You can find outdoor lighting everywhere these days—Walmart has Better Home and Gardens brand string lights for $9.94, which is a steal. If you want to invest a little more for sturdy lights, try the string lights from Sam’s Club that cost $49.98 (which is what I went with). Otherwise, you risk bulbs breaking or not working into the next year.

One of my favorite things about Spring and Summer is being outside enjoying the weather. You can find me on my cozy patio pretty much everyday this season. Now go and enjoy yours, too!