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How to Keep Your House Clean and Fresh Without Breaking a Sweat

In Partnership with Renuzit

We talked to Michelle from TX and here’s what she had to say:

Michelle’s Favorite Space To Relax
I have an office inside my home where I like to read, work on the computer, or just watch some videos. I enjoy this space because it is only mine, and everything is the way I like it to be.
How Linen Escape Oil Helped Freshen her Place…
The scent is absolutely comforting, light and fresh. It makes me feel relaxed. I love the way that every time I enter the room, it gives me the impression that it is super clean. I like the idea of having a consistent scent throughout my home and clothes.
What Michelle Likes About Snuggle's Universal Oil Refills
I love how Renuzit Oil refills are compatible with several brands of scented oil warmer plug-ins. Snuggle Linen Escape has a very convenient universal refill for my favorite scents.
The Next Snuggle Product Michelle Wants to Try…
I would like to try the Snuggle dryer sheets because I am very curious to have this new and amazing linen scent in my clothes. I would like to try the dryer sheets because I want a consistent scent in my home and clothing. Scent: Linen. Name: Linen Heaven.
Renuzit Snuggle Linen Escape is a perfect way to refresh any room in your house with a clean fragance.

Snuggle Linen Escape Scented Oil