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Places in Your Home You Should Be Disinfecting [But Probably Aren’t]

Every time I hear about another place in my house I should be cleaning, I cringe. I count it a victory when I go to bed with an empty kitchen sink (thank you, dishwasher) and minimal crumbs on the floor. And the thought of having time to dust my blinds and scrub the baseboards is laughable.

But thanks to Lysol spray and wipes, these additional tasks I have in mind take hardly any time at all. Seriously.

Keep a bottle of Lysol spray and can of Lysol wipes in your cleaning arsenal so they are easy to access and use. (And, of course, make sure all cleaning supplies are out of reach of children!)

  1. Door Handles
    When I really think about it, my 2-year-old touches a lot things before she proceeds to touch door handles. (Her mouth, the floor, shoes, books… you know how it is.) Grab a Lysol wipe and regularly wipe down all door handles in your house, especially the ones on bathroom doors, as they are likely the most touched handles. Ahh, goodbye, germs!
  2. TV Remote
    As if fighting over the remote isn’t bad enough, just think of all of the germs that come into contact with the TV remote on any given day. No, really. Think about it. Gross, right? Use a Lysol wipe to gently wipe off the remote and let it air dry…then consider repeating this process once per week.
  3. Bath Toys
    PSA to the parents out there: Just because your kids’ toys are in the bathtub with soap doesn’t mean they’re clean. Wipe down your child’s bath toys with a Lysol wipe on a regular basis to keep them free of bacteria and mildew. Rinse them with water to remove the cleaning agents.
  4. Shower Curtain
    If you find yourself replacing your plastic shower curtain liner because of mold and mildew, apply Lysol spray on your shower curtain once a week to kill bacteria and prevent mold. You’ll save some money, and avoid the hassle of connecting the curtain liner to all of those annoying hooks. (Seriously, isn’t that kind of the worst?)

Bonus: Lysol often has great coupons on their website, so be sure to check them out before you head to the store.