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Trusted Treat in My Family for the Past 10 Years

In Partnership with Milk-Bone

We talked to Heather from TX and here’s what she had to say:

Heather's Take On The Treat Quality Of Wonder Bones
The Milk-Bone Wonder Bones' ingredients are just right for my pup. The face that she gives me every time I grab the bag is such a happy feeling knowing I bought her something she loves. I appreciate that you give me that experience of her happiness by making her new favorite have-to-have, everyday treat.
Her Thoughts On The Rocks x Wobbles
The rock and wobble feature really gives her something to do for a while. It really does release energy that she has built up. While it wobbles around, she jumps in the air from excitement.
Why Her Pup Deserves The Best
My dog is my best friend. She is my everything. She deserves only the best treats, thank you!
Why Heather Trusts Milk-Bone
I have always trained my dog with Milk-Bone treats, for ten years now. It is a brand I love and trust for my pup.
Only Milk-Bone for my pup.

Milk-Bone Wonder Bones