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3 Products That Make Pantry Organization a Breeze

A cluttered pantry makes for a cluttered mind, don’t you think? Sometimes it’s easy to close the pantry door and ignore the mess, but take it from us… you’ll feel so much better once you get a little organization in your life. Whether you need sliding shelves or over-the-door pocket organizers, this compilation done by HGTV has got you covered. (Who doesn’t want their house to look HGTV-ready, anyway?)

Check out the list here: 20 Best Organizers For A Picture-Perfect Pantry

Or skip to some of our favorite Walmart organization products here:


Stack ‘N Store:

This Apartment Therapy blog recommends getting the OXO POP Container Set, which you can find at Walmart for $50 (Five Piece) or $100 (Ten Piece). The awesome thing about POP containers is that they’re designed for modular use, so you can stack and organize in any number of height accommodations to fit your space. Nice.

Yes We CAN:

Atlantic 3-Tier Can Rack, $22. It might seem like a simple storage solution, but this space-saving hack is extremely versatile, so you can use it in an almost infinite number of ways! You won’t want to miss out on this sturdy staple.

Pull Pantry Baskets:

Kitchen Details Easy Pull Pantry Organizer Basket, $4. A great addition to any pantry or closet space, these organizers make it super easy to pull out whatever items you need. You won’t realize how much space and effort you could have been saving until you try it!