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Things Grandpas Have Been Doing Longer Than Hipsters

Hipsters. You either love them, are annoyed by them, or you are one. Hipsters are known for being on the cutting edge of trends–actually, not even the cutting edge. They’re so far ahead of the cutting edge that I don’t think there’s even a name for it.

But when you think about it, there’s another type of person out there who is even further ahead of the trends: Grandpas. Sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out on this one. When you really stop to think about it, Grandpa’s are actually kind of the O.G.’s of hipster.

I present to you: Things Grandpa’s Have Been Repping Longer Than Hipsters.

They own record players.

The big difference between hipsters and your grandpa on this one is that your grandpa has had his record player since he was a teen. Most hipsters? Well, they probably spent a lot of time trying to find theirs at a local thrift store or on eBay. Regardless, both parties enjoy sitting back and listening to that sweet vinyl spin.

Killer mustaches.

I think everyone can agree that hipsters have some pretty sweet mustaches. Like, full-on handlebar action. And so do the best grandpas. In fact, they were repping the handlebar ‘staches long before it was cool.

Tobacco Pipes.

There are few things hipsters love more than enjoying intellectual, philosophical debates over a corn cob pipe. Whereas your grandpa probably handmade his own pipe years and years ago, hipsters find theirs at local tobacco shops or thrift stores–or, if they’re lucky, they inherit one from their own grandpa.


Though these are arguably becoming too mainstream for hipsters, it’s true that they brought the trend back and made it popular. You know who else has been rocking flannels for…well, pretty much forever? Grandpas. And they look awesome in them.

Nice shoes.

A buttoned-up outfit is a hipster’s MO. (Of course, it’s done in a way that makes it look completely effortless.) Another thing that hipsters and your grandpa have in common? They have the best kicks. From Wingtips to Laceup boots, they see their shoes as an investment and they treat them as such–well, grandpa’s do, at least. They keep their shoe polish, cleaner and protector in their closet and use it regularly to keep their leathers and suedes looking fresh. Hipsters? Well, most of them actually haven’t jumped on this train yet, but it’s high-time they did.

Think twice the next time you try to convince yourself that grandpa’s anything less than cool–in fact, there might just be a thing or two you can learn from them.