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Tough and Strong

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We talked to Michele from MI and here’s what she had to say:

How Michele Is Using Post-it Extreme Notes To Organiz
I am using the Post-Its Extreme Notes to put on a storm door in a screened-in porch to not use this one door because the door is difficult to close.
Why Their Durability Is Helpful For Her Project…
Post-Its Extreme Notes were perfect, because it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter in this screened-in patio room. I love that they are water-resistant, so if water does leak in, my note will still be on the door.
How She Compares Post-it Extreme Notes To Other Sticky Notes
Post-Its Extreme Notes are very durable and you can tell when you take them off that they have a strong adhesive. Since they are weather proof, it is great to use indoors or outdoors!
Who Michele Would Recommend Post-it Extreme Notes To
I think anyone would benefit from using Post-Its Extreme Notes, including postal carriers, notes left for kids, teachers, etc.
Post-Its Extreme Notes are very durable and can be used indoor or outdoor.

3M Post-It Extreme Notes

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