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Extreme Post-Its - Extremely Reliable!

In Partnership with 3M

We talked to Amy from MI and here’s what she had to say:

How Amy Is Using Post-it Extreme Notes To Organize
It's time for heavy duty spring cleaning and I will be using the Post-Its to help me keep track of what items I'll be keeping and what I'll be donating.
Why Their Durability Is Helpful For her Project...
After filling bins with clothing and items that I no longer use, I used the Extreme Post-Its to keep track of the items in each bin. I placed the bins in the garage, where water, wind and the elements can get to it. The notes stayed secure and easy to read, even after a few days of very wet and windy weather conditions.
How she Compares Post-it Extreme Notes To Other Sticky Notes
Typically, I never used standard Post-Its for this kind of job. When I did, the notes would get wet and smear or blow off in the wind. The Extreme Post-Its stayed secure and did not smear, even in the wet and damp conditions of the garage.
Who Amy Would Recommend Post-it Extreme Notes To
I would recommend the Extreme Post-Its to teachers, to house keepers, and even mom's. To be able to rely on the note to stay in place and not get ruined when it gets wet, would be a benefit to most anyone.
Extreme Post-Its are a great tool for spring cleaning.

3M Post-It Extreme Notes