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Clear The Clutter

“We all have that one drawer we're guilty of stashing things away in -- the miscellaneous items too important to throw out but not vital enough to give their own home. A couple women from our staff tipped us off on a solution to help bring order to the chaos: expandable bamboo drawer dividers. These can make spring cleaning a breeze + give the inside of your drawers a fresh look. Depending on the length of your drawer, these can be turned vertically or horizontally to create as much space as you need between items. Plus? One size does fit all. They're adjustable, so you can use these drawer organizers to tackle a variety spaces like your kitchen, bathroom + make-up drawers. Bonus: Looking for more ways to organize your space? Our EIC shares how she broke up with her wardrobe + organized her closet space here. 

Bamboo Adjustable Drawer Dividers