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How To Save $ On Houseplants

Plants of all kinds are in right now and I want to get my hands on all of them—but unfortunately, my budget for plants is pretty tight (otherwise my house would be a terrarium). However, because I do love houseplants and the splash of life they bring to my decor, I’ve found some workarounds for saving money on houseplants.

Here are my best tips: 

Find Unique Planters

One of my all time favorite containers to use as planters are simple metal buckets. You can shop for vintage metal buckets at flea markets or consignment stores, but Walmart carries Behrens brand galvanized buckets of all shapes and sizes for a great price. Traditional planters can range anywhere from $30.00-$100.00, and this bucket from Walmart only costs $7.61 right now. 

Succulent Love

If you are planting succulents, you probably want something a little smaller. I like to fill a small bowl with about an inch of rocks, add a layer of potting soil, and plant my succulents. Target has a great selection of melamine bowls that would work perfectly for this! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to put your own succulent bowl together.

Check The Sales

The very first thing I do when plant shopping is look for sale items. Walmart has a clearance aisle in their outdoor section, and I can always find lots of variety in the types and colors of their outdoor plants. I have found that most of the time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the sale plants—they just need a little love and water!

Buy Perennials

Another easy way to save money on outdoor plants is to buy perennials instead of annuals. Perennials return year after year, so you don’t have to re-plant or purchase new ones each year—the only thing you have to do is keep them alive. 

Faux Real

If you don’t have a green thumb, or the time to take care of real plants, there’s no shame in purchasing faux plants! Buying fake plants and succulents is a great way to add color and texture to your shelves or patio without breaking the bank. You literally can’t kill them and they are typically pretty inexpensiveTarget has a great selection starting at about $10. 

So what are you waiting for? Go get your green on, you crazy plant lady.