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Give Your Bedroom a Facelift Without Spending a Ton of $$

It’s easy to scroll through Pinterest and find dozens of perfectly decorated bedrooms that make you wish you had a spare closet full of cash. I mean, a revolving carousel of makeup that sits next to your in-bedroom vanity? Yes, please! Alas, we live in the real world where you have a limited budget, little of which can be spent on things like silk throw pillows. But, good news, folks—there are some simple ways to give your bedroom a breath of fresh air that don’t require spending wads of dough.

Pick up a light, neutral bed covering with lots of textural interest.

It will serve as a good base layer on which to pile more and more blankets for the colder months and a great stand-alone for the summer. A neutral focal point will open you up to easily changing small details seasonally without having to conduct a full overhaul. We really love this pretty quilt from Maine Heritage Weavers in linen.

Splurge a little on a new wooden-based lamp.

Wood brings in warmth while remaining simple and minimal. Something small, like a lamp, should never be the focal point to a room, but should serve as glue in bringing different elements together. It should be pretty, yet understated like this Nu Steel 19 inch table model.

Grab a pretty, chunky knit throw for a pop of color.

This blanket should be big and warm enough to cover the full bed, but classic enough to act as a design element. Choose a color that will stand out, but also blend with existing pieces. This mustard yellow Libby Langdon number should do the trick! (If yellow doesn’t suit you, it’s available in 9 other eye-catching colors.) 

Bring in a metallic vase for interest.

One of my favorite things to always keep in the house is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Pick one up on your trip to the farmer’s market or while grocery shopping and drop them into this Northside Seasonal copper vase to add some freshness and flare to your bedside table.

Last, but not least, pick up a cute electric candle warmer and a few wax blocks of your favorite scent.

So much joy and memory is tied to fragrance, so we would be remiss if we didn’t include an aroma element in our tips for transforming your bedroom space. We love this ScentSational full-size warmer in simple white.

Make it your own.

There are tons of ways you can start to work toward a more beautiful and comfortable space. Mirrors and plants do wonders to brighten a darker space. Keep an eye out at garage and estate sales for dusty old mirrors with distressed wooden or metal frames or pots/mugs/cups you can make into planters for succulents and houseplants. Or bring in a personal touch with funny framed pictures of the kids or the dogs. And remember, change doesn’t always have to come all at once. You can simply start with an item here or there that you love and then, little by little, build into the space you’ve always dreamed of.