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Definitely a Keeper.

In Partnership with Bar Keepers Friend

We talked to Martia from Rochester, NY and here’s what she had to say:

Industrial Kitchen with Pots
What did you use the cleanser on + tell us about the results!
I used the cleanser in my bathroom, and it brought back all the original clean. My tub looks so good, it makes me want to take a bath.
White Modern Kitchen
Which member of your household is primarily responsible for ensuring chores are completed + how does this product aid in their cleaning process?
Me and my son do the cleaning. It helps us see where the dirt is, if it’s gone, and how much more we have to do.
Modern Kitchen
Bar Keepers Friend Cleaners are bidegradable + don’t expire when kept in a dry environment, ensuring you don’t waste any. How do you feel about their commitment to sustainability?
I feel great about their commitment to sustainabilty because I can rack up on a few cans, and they can last as long as I need them to.
Light White and Blue Kitchen
Which of their other products would you like to try next?
I would like to try their Cookware Cleanser, because I love to cook, and I hate dirty dishes and hard to clean pots and pans. I would love to see what you that product could do.
quote markThe aisle was nice and neat and they had plenty of the item in stock. I can’t wait to get this home to try it.

Happy Egg Free Range 12ct package

Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish (21 ounce)

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