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Snuggle is Best

In Partnership with Snuggle

We talked to Rachel from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Why were you excited to swap to SuperCare?
I was excited to try Snuggle Supercare because I love all Snuggle products. The new look is beautiful. Snuggle has the best smells.
What did you think of the scent?
The Lilies and Linen scent is amazing. It's hard to describe other than amazing smell. Fills my whole laundry room up.
Your turn: What fragrance would you create for your next wash?
If I created a Snuggle line it would smell just like the lilies and linen. It smells floral yet complex. I love that.
Your take on Snuggle?
When I think of Snuggle it's definitely the Snuggle bear. Also the great long lasting smells. It's a smell for a lifetime.
Snuggle Supercare is by far the very best!!!

Snuggle SuperCare