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0% Waste, 100% Clean

In Partnership with cleancult

We talked to Kristen from IL and here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about your first impression of cleancult...
I purchased the cleancult laundry tablets to see its "actual clean" in action. Even though it is fragrance-free, it smelled nice and clean. With zero waste and a reusable container, it seems like a great alternative to other cleaning products.
What about the ingredients caught your attention?
It's great to know they use gentle and natural ingredients since I often have to deal with sensitive skin issues. Also knowing that the ingredients are biodegradable and not just good for my skin but for the planet as well is great.
Thoughts on zero-waste companies?
Companies and brands like cleancult that focus on sustainability are so important to helping reduce waste in our culture and will create loyal customers like me. I love products with reusable containers, especially when they're stylish!
Why would you keep cleancult stocked?
I love the reusable and stylish glass packaging. It's great and will last for a long time. But what's really most important is creating zero waste with safe ingredients.
It's creating zero waste but with all the power and style.

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