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7 Practical Uses for Washi Tape

The Washi Possibilities are Endless

My idealized self handwrites all my notes. My practical self types the vast majority.

My idealized self follows all my favorites Pinterest pins and crafts perfectly. My practical self buys everything from Target + Walmart.

My idealized self decorates my office and makes it look fun + flirty. My practical self uses washi tape to do that, because my idealized self is far from real… Here are my tips on sprucing up your office with washi tape. You can buy it everywhere, it comes in fun patterns and colors, heck, here’s a pack of Washi Tape $7 on, have at it people.

DIY Thank You Notes

I love brown craft paper! It’s my favorite wrapping paper and card to grab. As a self-declared typography specialist (i.e. I know how to write in cursive) – I love picking up a pack of these and making them a thank you note, birthday card, or any other occasion. Washi Tape is the perfect way to add some fun to the outside of a card, or seal off the envelope!

Non-Permanent Storage Labels

Is anyone else tired of labeling a box something and wishing it was erasable 5 years later? Washi Tape is the perfect way to add some labeling to containers without making a permanent call on what it’ll be used for. There’s even large washi tape if you have an XL box.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Okay, so you can tell this one is homemade, BUT when you’re in a rush you do what you gotta do. For small boxes throwing some computer paper on, and adding some washi tape makes for some fill in wrapping paper. If you have more time, pick up some craft paper rolls and add some washi tape.

Notebook Pick-Me-Up

Add some fun to your notes and to-do lists with some washi tape and Sharpie Pens (the fine tip ones) or Papermate’s Felt Tip Pens!

Easy Up + Easy Down Decor

I love swapping out photos and quotes, adding some washi tape adds color to my dark walls and makes my photos pop off the wall.

Label Your Cords

Wrap a little piece of tape around to keep your roomies and coworkers from taking your chargers and cords.