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What’s The Best Way to Layer a Sandwich?

It’s probably safe to bet that one of the first meals you learned to make all by yourself was a sandwich—which makes sense, right? They’re easy, versatile, and, when you use the right ingredients, they’re mouth-wateringly delicious. But for every great sandwich you’ve made, there’s been a sandwich that has gone completely awry. I mean, let’s be honest for a sec. How many times have you attempted to recreate your sandwich-shop favorite at home (a little DIY, if you will) and it turns out subpar at best?

As it turns out, there’s some argument around the art and architecture that goes into making the perfect sandwich—and it starts with the layers. We can all agree that bread makes up the bookends of any good sandwich—but what comes next? That’s where things get blurry. So, we thought we’d go directly to the people and ask: What is the best way to layer a sandwich?

To Sauce First, or Not to Sauce First

Every good sandwich has some sauce, like mayo, mustard, or dressing. But do you put that sauce directly onto the bread? You might be asking yourself “Sure, why wouldn’t I?” Some claim that this is the perfect way to ruin your sandwich—because you risk making the bread soggy. Others believe that having the sauce on the bread allows for maximum flavor on your tongue. What’s your vote?

Nice To Meat You

Ah, deli meat; arguably the best part of the entire sandwich. Do you stick with one slice, or do you get a little wild and go for several?

While We're In The Meat Of It

Do you lay your lunchmeat flat to cover more surface area, or do you pile it up to give your sandwich some loft?

Are Chips Acceptable as a Layer?

You know the old saying, “You can’t knock it ‘till you try it?” That’s how I feel about using chips as a sandwich layer. Had I never tried a honey ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and potato chip sandwich, I would’ve lived forever thinking it was a recipe reserved for high school football players. Are chips more than just a side?

Crunch For Days

Adding veggies like sprouts, lettuce, or cucumber can add the perfect crunch to an otherwise soft sandwich. Some say reserving veggies for your top layer allows for optimal crispiness, while others say spreading your lettuce or various veggies evenly throughout the sandwich does the trick. What’s your vote?

Mix & Match

We’ve established that meat is a key piece in the sandwich-making-puzzle. Which Hillshire Farm® Farm Classics® deli meat do you pick?