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WHAT’S NEW? Walmart: Belgian Boys Waffle Chips 4-Ways

You may have already noticed the Belgian Boys brand at your local Walmart with their seriously cute and colorful packaging. They make pre-made Belgian waffles and other waffle-inspired snacks that are tasty, sweet and uber convenient.

Belgian Boys recently launched a new product that has our entire office singing with resounding awww’s and yummm’s: Waffle Chips. They’re adorably teeny and have that classic waffle flavor on their own—but we decided to try adding some fun toppings to see what we could come up with. The results? Incredibly easy and delicious.

1: Waffle Chips with Almond Butter, Banana & Honey

Why yes, you can get away with eating this for breakfast! Banana slices fit perfectly on top of the Waffle Chips to make for a fab finger food—it’s perfect for kids during snack time or as a treat, or even to serve at a shower or party! Be sure to save the honey for last to give it that pretty drizzle!

2: Waffle Chips with Nutella & Strawberry

Any excuse to use Nutella works for me—but this recipe, in particular, is basically heaven on a waffle chip. Spread your Nutella, then slice up your strawberry so it sits like a thumbprint on top! It tastes like an even more delicious version of a chocolate-covered strawberry, if you can imagine!

3: Waffle Chips with Caramel & Sea Salt

If you’re a big fan of salty-sweet flavors, this recipe is for you! The caramel will soak into the Waffle Chips after a few minutes, so I recommend prepping this one right before you’re about to serve it! Just drizzle as much (or as little) caramel as you’d like, then sprinkle sea salt on top—voila!

4: Waffle Chips S’mores

Ah, the s’more—a dessert classic! Give these teeny s’mores a try at your next summer get together! Just place your marshmallow on top of your Waffle Chip, stick it in the microwave for a few seconds (keeping an eye on the microwave, of course!) and then give it that authentic look and taste of a toasted marshmallow by roasting it with a long lighter! Then, put your chocolate on top and, boom. Baby S’mores.

How would you dress up your Belgian Boys Waffle Chips? Let us know. We’ll give it a try & include our faves on the list!