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Next Level Charcuterie For Your Fall Gathering

Fall is the season of hosting — gathering your loved ones around the table, sharing memories, and indulging in delicious meals. We know entertaining can sometimes be overwhelming, but this season is all about time with your people rather than in the kitchen. Our go-to for keeping hosting both delicious + easy: charcuterie boards. The perfect mix of salty x sweet, both light + indulgent, grazing boards have something everyone can enjoy. We tapped our friends at Gather + Graze to help us pull together the ideal board — they’re sharing their best kept secrets for impressing your guests + the combinations that make for a delicious bite every time.


01 |
Prioritize The Cheese. A quality cheese is the foundation of your board, so if you splurge anywhere, let it be here. Scan the specialty cheese selection at your local market for a sample of different pieces. [think: a tangy cheddar x a buttery brie]

02 | Upgrade Your Presentation. Instead of keeping jams or olives in their original packaging, we love utilizing mini glass jars to pull boards together. An easy addition that makes your charcuterie look special + seamless. Simply transfer jam, nuts, olives, or chocolates into jars + arrange on your board.

03 | Let Your Board Overflow. Let’s be real, a full board gets more love. Don’t be afraid to let it spill over the sides — not only is it more to enjoy, but it creates that full, layered look we all love. Fill it with your favourite crackers, nuts, meats, fruits, even chocolates, for the wow factor.

Now that you’ve got your board working for you, you’ll need to craft the perfect bite. It’s easy to play it safe with a simple cracker and slice of cheese [and we won’t judge you for it], but the women of Gather + Graze gave us their combinations for their go-to bite, that delivers every time.

simple cracker + prosciutto + pear slice + parmesan cheese

nutty cracker + dried apricot + gruyère cheese + fresh blackberry

simple cracker + fig jam + lemon cranberry goat cheese + apple


Looking for easier clean up? We love these lightweight, disposable Balsa Cheeseboards for simplified preparation + clean up. Plus, they’re an easy pack for creating your entertaining moment outdoors [think: an elevated picnic, a camping weekend, or a day at the beach]. Create a personalized touch by adding written names to each of the boards for guests to use as their plates.