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This Egg Brand Has the Happiest Hens You’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever been in the situation where you press the button for the elevator and when the doors open, there’s an uncomfortable amount of people already in there? You do the awkward song and dance of, “No, I’ll just wait for the next one,” but the people inside insist there’s room for you? Then, you reluctantly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these strangers and manage to stop on every floor on the way down, and suddenly you feel overcome with diagnosable claustrophobia?

Yeah. That’s what most egg-producing hens feel like all the time. They don’t get to stretch out their wings, roam in the grass, or take their beloved dust-baths. (Did you know that was a thing?) They’re confined by small cages or surrounded by so many fellow hens that they can’t get a flap in edge-wise. 

Their name says it all: the happy egg co. out of the UK is dedicated to making sure their hens – a.k.a., their girls – are given the best care possible. They call it the “happy egg standard.” As it turns out, this is not at all common. In fact, most brands that boast of having “free range” eggs actually only give their hens about a sheet of papers worth of space each.

At the happy egg co., they allow their hens to roam outdoors every single day. They’re given six football fields worth of space to run, jump, perch, play, flap, and do pretty much whatever they want. If I were a hen, I’m pretty sure I’d like that. Heck, I’d like that freedom now. 

But all emotions aside, there are quite a few benefits to eating eggs that come from happy hens – you can feel good about the treatment of the hens while feeling good about what you’re putting in your stomach.  The fact that the eggs are organic has everything to do with their diet and nothing to do with their living conditions. The happy egg co. makes sure their girls have access to clean, fresh water sources, and they are fed an all-natural, hormone-free diet. This ensures that every happy egg you crack open is filled with vitamins and Omega-3s.

Plus, why wouldn’t you want to use happy eggs? Why would you make the choice to use anything less than that? That’s just sad.