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The Thing That Has Actually Helped Me Stick to a Grocery Budget

I’m kind of a “yo-yo budgeter.” Can that be a thing? I’ll be really good at sticking to a budget for a few months, and then I’m absolutely terrible for a few months, and then I’m back to a tight budget.

I’ve found that the months I meal plan and actually go through the process of finding recipes, make a list and stick to it are the months I actually come out either on or under budget. My husband and I both work full-time out of the house, we have a 3-year-old daughter and live in Northwest Arkansas (FYI, I’ll never call myself a “working,” mom, all moms work – some just work away from home and some work in the home) so it’s so hard for me to force myself at the end of the day to sit down and make a grocery list. It just feels like more work after a day full of work. Ya feel me?

I recently came across these budgeting tips from—they provide four simple, practical tips that’ll help you stick to a grocery budget:

  1. Learn To Do Without
  2. Don’t Be A Brand Snob
  3. Cook From Scratch
  4. Have A Price List

But mom, heart to heart here—are you capable of maintaining a grocery price list? Really…?

And how would you? Like, an actual item list and how would you organize that? The thought of creating and maintaining that spreadsheet (and I LOVE spreadsheets) makes me want to keel over in stress. If you have time for that, I want to meet you and I want you to help me run my life.

I’m replacing #4 with my own Pro-Mom-Tip… use Walmart Grocery Pickup.

Y’all, I cannot tell you how much this helps me when I actually sit down and do this, I work my way down my list, I watch my cart add up on the right and if I’m over budget I go through and X out the items that I know I actually don’t “have to have.” Like certain snack items, OR I look up a cheaper alternate.

It’s like budgeting magic.

And, because it’s Pickup, you just submit your order and reserve the location and time to swing in and get it. It’s so easy and brainless and let’s be honest anything that can make me not feel like I’m drowning during this season of life, I’m in.