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The One Salsa I Can’t Go Without

We talked to Ellen from Texas about OrganicVille Salsa, and here is what she had to say:

Q: What did you do with OrganicVille Salsa today?

Ellen: I sliced a ripe avocado in half length-wise and removed the pit. Before filling the resulting holes with the salsa, I sliced around the perimeter of each half, separating the fruit from the skin. The OrganicVille salsa is wonderful for filling avocado holes because of the finely chopped ingredients. I spooned the salsa into the holes, and laid strips of cheddar cheese across the tops. Surrounding the two salsa avocados were lime flavored tortilla chips used for dipping into to salsa-topped avocado.

Q: In one word, how would you describe the salsa?

Ellen: Tangy

Q: Describe the salsa, in one line?

Ellen: OrganicVille Salsa rivals my favorite Mexican restaurant’s salsa in its rich, tangy taste and chip dippability; chips and salsa at home.

Q: What leading flavor do you taste in the salsa?

Ellen: Chipotle.

Thank you for your time, Ellen! We love your feedback.

Note: OrganicVille Salsa is made from only the highest quality ingredients– organic, gluten free, vegan, and no added sugar. Grab a jar with confidence here.