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Popcorn anyone?

In Partnership with Boom Chicka Pop

We talked to Megan from Indianapolis, IN and here’s what she had to say:


What’s a usual go-to snack for you + how do you see this product fitting into your snacking?

A:  My daughter and I absolutely love snacking on popcorn. She loves buttery and my favorite is kettle corn. Boom chicka pop is a tasty, low calorie, prepopped snack and I could see it being added to the grocery list.

Boom Chicka Pop offers flavors like sea salt, white cheddar, chili lime, cinnamon roll and more! Which of their other flavors would you like to try next? 

A:  I would want to try sea salt. But I could see my daughter wanting cinnamon roll and my hisband tte chili lime.

Where do you see yourself snacking on Boom Chicka Pop in the future?

A:  A night with family. Packed up in snack bags on our family outtings and in my families packed lunches.

Was the product easily located on shelf + did it stand out from other related products? 

A:  Yes and after seeing the bag was purple was easily located

Who out of your friends and family would like to munch on Boom Chicka Pop too?

A:  I think my daughter would love it. Outside of my household ill be telling my mother about it.

Have you tried Boom Chicka Pop before + what did you think?

A:  No. I love the sweet and salty of kettle corn. I feel like this has a coating of sugary which is ok but I’d prefer it didn’t.
quote markA smarter yet satisfying snack

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Boom Chicka Pop - Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn

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